Russia accused of ‘Hybrid Warfare’ against Britain by British Media

London/ Moscow: Russia has been accused by the British media of initiating an unconventional ‘Hybrid Warfare’ against Britain. This accusation concerning ‘Hybrid Warfare’ involves cyber-attacks, subversion, bombardment of false information and fake news. The British media reports that these claims are based on the assurance of a few senior officials of the British Government. The US President Barak Obama had blatantly accused the Russian President Vladimir Putin of intervening in the recently concluded US presidential elections. The recent allegations made by the British media on these grounds have been drawing attention.

Russia accused of ‘Hybrid Warfare’ against Britain by British Media

Senior British government intelligence officers and political authorities have substantiated the claim on Russia’s ‘Hybrid Warfare’. Sources revealed that there were serious discussions on this undeclared war by Russia in a meeting conducted at the ‘Cabinet Office’ about two months ago. British Military, Internal Security and officials from prominant departments seem to have had an agreement on and are in the process of preparation to counter the Russian campaign. The British Prime Minister Theresa May is to chair a special meeting of the ‘National Security Council’ in the next few days. It is apprehended that the meeting will prominently have the agenda of the Russian threat.

The British officials claim that the transit of ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’, the Russian aircraft carrying naval warship along with other associate warships through the English Channel to be a part of the Russian Hybrid Warfare. Apart from this, Britian has accused the spread of the Russian media channels, ‘RT’ and ‘Sputnik’ in Britain, cyber-attacks carried out on British companies and the like to be a part of the Russian ‘Hybrid warfare’ campaign. There are speculations of misinformation and fake news to be dispersed by Russia about the British deployment of a contingent in Estonia.

It is said that the ‘Hybrid Warfare’ against Britain is a part of a Russia’s ongoing campaign against the US, Europe and other western countries. The US has just disclosed the Russian President Putin’s direct involvement in the recently concluded US presidential elections. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel has openly warned about the possible threat posed by the Russian cyber-attacks and concerning campaign on next year’s elections to be held in the country. The German Intelligence agencies have also substantiated this warning.

A few days back, a resolution was passed in the European Parliament against the Russian ‘Hybrid Warfare’. Various European agencies have accused Russia of aiding the aggressive and right-wing political parties. A British think tank has reported that a few political parties, leaders and prominent figures are working for Russia.

Under such circumstances, the British Government acknowledging the Russian threat is itself considered to be of significance. Russia has clearly stated its reproval towards accusations made in the past in this regard. The Russian President Putin has rebuked the European Union by stating that Europe need not give Russia lessons on democracy.

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