Political turmoil over Brexit may push Scotland towards independence, warns First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon

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London: The First Minister for Scotland Nicola Sturgeon, delivered a message of starting a freedom movement for Scotland saying, ‘the British parliamentary system has collapsed, and Scotland will be forced to decide on its future independently’. Sturgeon indicated that in case Scotland was separated and became free, the British Pound would be scrapped and a new Scottish currency would be released. Ever since the United Kingdom decided to exit from the European Union, Sturgeon has consistently demanded a new referendum for an independent Scotland. Also, from her recent statements, it is apparent that decisive moves have begun in this regard.

Scotland-Nicola-SturgeonLast week, a meeting of the ruling National Scottish Party was held in Scotland. During the meeting, First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon demanded independence for Scotland and reiterated the demand for a fresh referendum. While doing so, she referred to the divide, created in the United Kingdom over Brexit.

First Minister Sturgeon announced preparations for a fresh referendum for an independent Scotland saying, ‘There is a divide in the British parliament since the last three years, and the British rulers do not have time for Scotland. Therefore, now our focus must be on garnering more support for an independent Scotland. We must ensure that the British government does not create any obstacles for Scotland’s independence.’

Scotland has the sources and capability to progress as an independent country, Sturgeon claimed. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon expressed confidence that Scotland would demonstrate to the world how a country can develop based on economic independence. She also indicated that Scotland would not use the British Pound as its currency and would release a new currency, scrapping the sterling as soon as practicable. Sturgeon said that a referendum was planned for a separate Scotland in 2021 and a bill regarding it would be presented in the month of May.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, seems to be making efforts to politically corner the UK government by bringing up the issue of independence and referendum once again. The British parliament, unable to come to a consensus on the Brexit issue, has become a topic of criticism for the entire world. Prime Minister Theresa May is in a fix as no agreement has been reached on any option for Brexit and has started discussions with the opposition parties. At the same time, the European Union has closed all avenues for renegotiation saying that no changes to the final draft would be possible.

The British populace is confused and displeased because of the uncertainty over Brexit while the demand for separation is gaining strength, once again. Before this, in 2014, the Scottish population had rejected the option for a separate Scotland. However, in 2016, when Scotland chose the option to remain in the European Union in the Brexit referendum, the differences between Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom came into the limelight once again. Nevertheless, a survey conducted a few days ago, showed that 49% of the Scottish population was in favour of the fresh referendum.

Given the background, the demand Sturgeon put forth for the Scottish independence and a fresh referendum has strengthened the cases of the groups demanding separation, in the EU.

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