Pakistan still assisting Taliban, Pentagon report

Washington: – Pakistan has announced complete support to the peace process in Afghanistan. Pakistan is also patting its back, claiming to have played a major role in the process. But a report published by Pentagon, the US defence headquarters, claims that in reality, Pakistan is still assisting the Taliban, who is majorly responsible for the bloodshed in Afghanistan. This report was published after signing of the peace deal between the United States and Taliban. Therefore, the Pakistan stand in Afghanistan is to sponsor terrorism and implement a single point agenda of reducing the Indian influence in Afghanistan. Pentagon published the security-related report for January to March. The report informs about the situation in Afghanistan and accuses that Pakistan is still sponsoring the Taliban in Afghanistan. 

The report notes that Pakistan is especially sponsoring the Haqqani network, the most powerful group in the Taliban. Despite the peace deal between the United States and the Taliban, Pakistan is not willing to use its influence with the Taliban to stop violence in Afghanistan. The Pentagon report clarifies that instead, Pakistan is using the Taliban against the Afghan government and the Indian interests in Afghanistan. India has invested an enormous amount of more than USD 2 billion in Afghanistan in the effort for rebuilding the country. This constructive Indian contribution is being applauded from around the world, and the Indian influence in Afghanistan is on the rise.

Pakistan thinks that the democracy in Afghanistan and the Indian influence is detrimental to its interests. Therefore, Pakistan is consistently trying to attack the Indian interests in Afghanistan through the Taliban. It has been exposed that the attacks on the Indian embassies in Afghanistan and abduction of the Indian staffers were the handiwork of the Haqqani network. It was also exposed that the infamous Pakistani intelligence agency, ISI, was perpetrating these attacks through the terrorists from the Haqqani network. The peace deal signed by the United States with the Taliban, increasing the speed of the peace process in Afghanistan, also did not have any effect on the destructive stand adopted by Pakistan.

The Pentagon report announced this to the world once again. Although on the face, Pakistan is supporting peace in Afghanistan, in reality, this country seems to be making efforts to bring trouble and instability to Afghanistan. The US special envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, had advised India to have a direct dialogue with the Taliban and play a more critical role in the Afghan peace process. US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia, Alice Wells also had advised India to hold direct talks with Taliban and had said that it is up to India, whether to take this advice or not. The Pentagon report raises a new question as to how effective will be the talks between India and the Taliban, given the Pakistani influence in Pakistan.

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