Pakistan Minister confesses to Pakistan’s hand in Pulwama attack

Islamabad: – Claiming that the cowardly Pulwama attack was a significant success for the Pakistan government where 40 soldiers were killed, Pakistani Minister Fawad Chowdhary confessed in the Pakistan parliament, ‘We carried out the attack inside India’. Indian media, analysts and journalists are announcing to that the Imran Khan government, who was claiming that it was India who carried out the Pulwama attack, has been exposed once again and it is proved yet again that Pakistan is a terrorist country.  

Pulwama attack

Ayaz Sadiq, the senior leader of the opposition party Pakistan Muslim League – Nawaz (PLM-N), made some necessary clarifications in the Pakistan parliament. Sadiq said that the decision of handing over Wing Commander Abhinandan was taken by the Pakistan government and military out of fear. Ayaz Sadiq created a sensation in Pakistan saying that General Bajwa had trembling feet with the fear of an Indian attack and he was trepid with perspiration. Sadiq also informed that Shah Mahmood Qureshi, the Pakistan Foreign Minister, had appealed to the opposition parties to support the decision for the release, saying that if Wing Commander Abhinandan was not handed over, India would launch an attack by 9.00 pm. Following Sadiq, former Foreign Minister of Pakistan and a leader on PLM-N Khwaja Asif also confirmed the statements made by Ayaz Sadiq in the parliament.  

Pulwama attack

Pakistan government was in trouble as the Indian media highlighted the issue. Therefore, Pakistan Minister Fawad Choudhary made a major confession to save the Pakistan government. The Pulwama attack was an act of major bravery of the Imran Khan government. Fawad Choudhary bragged, ‘We entered India and carried out the attack, and the credit for this attack goes to even the opposition parties, along with the Imran Khan government.’ After the lawmakers made a noise over the claim, Choudhary realised his blunder. To cover up the error, Choudhary said that he was referring to the Pakistani success in the fighter jet clashes after the Pulwama attack. But his clear confession made before this was highlighted by the Indian media and are levelling the crushing accusation that Pakistan is a terrorist country. The Indians are delivering a message to Pakistan via social media to be prepared for inclusion in the FATF Black List.   

The Pakistan stand regarding terrorist activities has been exposed to the entire world. Whatever efforts Pakistan made to hide the facts, that will not be possible. Pakistan is home to the maximum number of terrorists certified by the United Nations. Therefore, the Indian foreign ministry showered vitriolic criticism that Pakistan should not make a fuss of being a victim of terrorism. Former Indian Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa said, ‘Indian defence forces had made preparations to secure the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan. The Air Force, Army and Navy were in a state of readiness to teach Pakistan a lesson. The Indian Air Force had made all the preparations to wipe out all the Pakistan military fronts near the border. Pakistan was fully aware of the Indian preparations, and therefore, they released Abhinandan.’ 

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