‘The pilot project is over, now the real…,’ warns Prime Minister

Third World War

On Wednesday, while addressing a function in New Delhi, the Prime Minister was handed over a note. After receiving the note, the Prime minister cut short the program and left immediately. The media was speculating that the note had the information about Wing Commander Abhinandan being detained by Pakistan. It was within one day of this news, on Thursday, while speaking at a function organised at the Vidnyan Bhavan in New Delhi, the Prime Minister made the victory statement that “Pilot Project has been completed.”

Prime-Minister-India‘The Pilot project is over! The real one is still to be done…’ the cryptic remarks made by the Prime Minister were lauded by the attendees with a round of applause. The Prime Minister distributed Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar awards on the occasion of the National Science Day. The Prime Minister said, “There is a tradition of conducting a pilot project first. A pilot project has just been done.”

The statement by the Prime Minister was an indirect reference to the release of Wing Commander Abhinandan with an indication that the Indian policies regarding Pakistan would become more stringent after his release. Post the Pulwama terror attack, the Prime Minister, either in his speech or by citing different references has been giving out a warning to teach Pakistan a lesson.

The Prime Minister expressed the ultimate resolve regarding the war against terror, in another programme held on Thursday. Prime Minister expressed the expectation that the international community should join India in the war against terror. Further, he announced that in case the international community does not take part, India will fight this war alone.

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