Pakistan Army and Sindh Police in confrontation  

Karachi: – Police and lawyers, from the Sindh province, have rebelled against the Pakistan Army, known as the ‘Deep State’ of the country. After it was exposed that the Pakistan Army abducted the police chief of the Sindh province, to effect an arrest of the leaders of the Muslim League, the police from the Sindh province have revolted against the Army. More than 60 senior police officials from the Sindh province have applied for an immediate leave. The association of lawyers from the Sindh province also has criticised the Army and has appealed to the supreme court to show the Army its place. Therefore, fears are being expressed that the Sindh province is heading for a civil war. Meanwhile, Fazal-ur-Rehman, the President of Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), warned that if the Army continues its interference in politics, a situation similar to the Sindh province will be seen in all the provinces of the country.  

Pakistan Army

The situation in Pakistan has been volatile since the last few weeks, and the discontent against the Imran Khan government and the Pakistan military has increased tremendously. Allegations are rife that there is a military dictatorship in Pakistan under the disguise of democracy, and the allegations became louder with the developments in the Sindh province. Mushtaq Meher, the AIG of Sindh province was abducted by the military to arrest the Muslim League leaders speaking against the Imran Khan government and the Army. It is claimed that there was a conflict between the military and the police officers deployed for protection of Meher at the time of the abduction.   

The Sindh police have rebelled against the insulting treatment meted out to their senior officers, and it is claimed that nearly all the police officials have applied for leave on an immediate basis. These include three AIG, 25 DIG, 30 SSP and more than 20 police officers of other ranks. Following the rebellion by the Sindh police, Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa has ordered an inquiry into the incident. The lawyers’ association also has joined the police rebellion against the Army. The Bar Association has criticised this bullying by the Army in a letter addressed to the Supreme Court of Pakistan. At the same time, it has made a demand that the Supreme Court, who has ignored the Army’s interference in politics every time, should for once show the Army its place.   

Pakistan Army

Since the last few months, a conflict is brewing between the Pakistan government and Army against the administration in the Sindh province. The Pakistan Army is trying to gain control of the Sindh province, and videos of conflicts between the Army and police have been published even in the past. The population of the Sindh province had strongly protested against the arrogance of the Pakistan Army. The repercussions of the protests were felt during the protests in Karachi two days ago. The Sindh population took to the streets chanting slogans against the Pakistan Army and commented against the Army Chief in an indecent language. The incident in Karachi has intensified the conflict between the Army and police and PDM President Fazal-ur-Rehman has warned of repercussions in the Punjab, Baluchistan and Pakhtunkhwa provinces. Because of the response to the protests against the Pakistan government and military, the warning issued by Fazal-ur-Rehman becomes very serious.  

Bilawal Bhutto, leader of the Pakistan People’s Party, running the government in the Sindh province, severely criticised the aggression of the Pakistan Army and demanded that the Pakistan Army Chief should conduct an inquiry into the matter himself. It is reported that Army Chief Bajwa held a telephonic conversation with Bilawal Bhutto, following his crushing criticism. Therefore, the Pakistan Army is apparently under pressure for the first time.   

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