US imposes sanctions against Chinese companies for assisting Iran

Washington: The United States has imposed sanctions against Chinese companies assisting Iran with its missile and other military programs. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo announced these sanctions. Only a few days ago, the United States had warned that sanctions would be imposed on the entities involved in weapons sale to Iran, after the expiry of the period of sanctions, imposed by the United Nations.   


Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo informed that sanctions have been imposed on six Companies and two citizens from China, dealing with the Iranian companies, ‘Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Lines’ (IRISL) and ‘Hafez Darya Arya Shipping Company’ (HDASCO). The companies facing sanctions include Rich Holding Group (Shanghai) Company Limited, along with five other shipping companies. The US state department claimed that these companies transported components for missiles and other weapons, despite being aware of the Iranian activities. The United States accused that the Chinese companies made loopholes available to the Iranian companies, despite US sanctions. The United States has, in the past, imposed sanctions against Chinese companies dealing in oil, with Iran.  


The period of UN sanctions against Iran ended on Sunday. The United States had demanded, almost a month ago, for extension of this period. Last month, the United States presented a proposal to that effect in the United Nations. The United States had warned that if Iran is armed, it will pose a threat to the security of the Gulf. But the UN Security Council had rejected the US proposal. Therefore, the United States has taken an aggressive stand to impose sanctions against entities assisting Iran. 

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