Pakistan using terrorists as a weapon against India, criticizes US Intelligence Chief

Washington: “The Pakistan policy to use the terror outfits as a weapon against India still continues. At the same time, Pakistan continues to shelter terrorists from Afghanistan, nullifying the counter terrorism measures being implemented by the United States,” were the remarks made by Dan Coats, the Director of US National intelligence, before the US Senate. These comments by Coats, during a US intelligence community’s assessment of worldwide threats, assume significance.

Dan coats, pakistan, indiaIt is evident that US President Donald Trump is keen to withdraw military from Afghanistan. President Trump had posted his reaction regarding it on the social media. However, from the information given by Coats it is clarified that Pakistan is obstructing the US military withdrawal from Afghanistan. Terrorists carrying out saboteur activities in Afghanistan continue to take advantage of their safe haven in Pakistan, criticized Coats before the members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Also, he made some more serious allegations against Pakistan.

Pakistan’s operation against terrorism is nothing but an act of deceit and deception and confronts only the militant groups that directly threaten Pakistan, warned Coats. Pakistan is looking at some terror outfits as a tool to be used against India. Therefore, Pakistan would never take an action against time, Coats pointed. During the World Threat Assessments, he also warned that Pakistan may attempt to conduct attacks in India along with Afghanistan. Coats also expressed fears over the possibility of massive bloodshed during the elections scheduled in July this year in Afghanistan.

Also, this year, elections are slated to be held in India. Saying this, he predicted a strong possibility of communal riots during this period. Coats also said that the Indo-Chinese relations will continue to remain strained in 2019 and it will have its effects on the Asian region. Meanwhile, the US National Intelligence agency keeps a close eye on the developments in the world and presents the information to the US Congress. The inferences presented by Dan Coats, the Director of this National Intelligence agency can influence the US policies regarding Pakistan. CIA Chief Gina Haspel and FBI Chief Christopher Wray were also present when Dan Coats presented the report of the National Intelligence in front of the Senate committee. Nevertheless, CIA Chief Gina Haspel had recently visited India.

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