Afghanistan accuses Pakistan of launching Undeclared War against it

Kabul : While the country was still attempting to recover from a deadly truck blast in its capital, Kabul, Afghanistan had to face yet another ghastly terrorist attack. On Tuesday, ten people were killed in a terrorist bomb blast near a place of prayer in Herat. Hours before this attack, while the international peace conference was going on in Kabul, a rocket attack occurred within the Indian Ambassador’s residential compound in the city. On the background of these attacks, Afghanistan’s President, Ashraf Ghani has made the ringing accusation that Pakistan has started an undeclared war with Afghanistan. Concurrently, the President issued an ultimatum to Taliban, which is behind these attacks.


On Tuesday afternoon, bomb blast in a rickshaw outside a place of prayer in Herat has claimed 10 lives. Considering the intensity of this attack, it is feared that the number of victims will rise. Also, on Tuesday morning, with the international peace conference at its backdrop, a rocket attack occurred on the tennis court inside Indian Ambassador, Manpreet Vohra’s residential compound.

The attack caused no damage. However, the Indian Ambassador stated that India will not be distressed by such attacks; these have only strengthened India’s determination to aid Afghanistan.

The attacks which occurred in the country while the US, India, Britain, Canada, Germany, South Korea, the European Union and 23 other countries participated in the ‘Peace and Security Cooperation’ multination peace meet, has awoken the world to the rising terrorism in Afghanistan. The truck bomb blast that shook the country a week ago has claimed 150 lives. Thus, the distraught Afghani has begun to express distrust towards its government. Therefore, the agitated President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani stated that Pakistan’s infamous secret group, ISI and the Taliban were responsible for these attacks. On Tuesday, President Ghani alleged that Pakistan is waging an undeclared war against Afghanistan. Ghani stated that he was at a loss about how to convince Pakistan that peace and calm in Afghanistan is beneficial, not just to Pakistan, but to the entire region. Pakistan is not ready to understand this fact, said Ghani reacting sharply

It seems that President Gani has delivered a final warning to Pakistan as well as Taliban. If Taliban wants to hold a discussion, the Afghanistan government will welcome it. However, the President stated that this would be the last chance that Taliban will have; hereafter Taliban will be severely persecuted. Taliban, however, has not accepted responsibility for the attack.

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