Afghanistan warns Pakistan for the Pak Army cross-border attacks on Afghanistan

Kabul, Islamabad : Pakistan’s army claims to have killed terrorists in a cross border attack in Afghanistan. However, Afghanistan is enraged on this matter and has demanded an explanation to Pakistan. They have also warned that if this attack happens again, they will respond accordingly. On the other hand, Pakistan’s army explained the necessity of this cross border attack near Afghanistan and has said that it was to destroy the common enemy of both the nations. This has recreated tension on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border.


88 people were killed in a terrorist attack on 16th February at a shrine in Karachi, Pakistan. It is said that all the previous attacks have claimed lives of nearly 100 people.

After this Pakistan’s Prime Minister had ordered security forces to track down and act on the terrorists wherever they were to be found. If need be, cross border assaults were also given a go-ahead. By stating this, Pak Government allowed its troops to attack terrorists hiding in Afghanistan. Pakistan has long accused Afghanistan for providing shelter to terrorists who cause massacres in Pakistan. On this background, Pak Government’s permission to its army has received diplomatic importance.

Pakistan’s Army Chief had mentioned of 76 “most wanted” terrorists, hiding in Afghanistan near the border. He urged for either a swift action against these terrorists or for their extradition. Afghanistan has reacted fiercely in response.

Afghanistan has handed over to Pakistan, a list of nearly 85 terrorists who plotted violence on Afghanistan. The tension between the two countries has been mounting up. Adding to it, Pak Army launched rocket attacks on camps of ‘Jamaat-ul-Ahrar’, a terror group based in Afghanistan.

The extent of damage to the terrorists is still unclear. However, Pakistan’s media has expressed their joy over the attack. It is believed that ‘Jamaat-ul-Ahrar’ is an offshoot of the terror organization, ‘Tehrik-i-Taliban’. Pakistani media claims that the attack on the base of this organization has resulted in killing of an Indian intelligence-agency, RAW’s agent. Pakistani media has expressed their content over this.

Nevertheless, Afghanistan has given a vitriolic reaction on this matter and their Ministry of Foreign Affairs has demanded an explanation from Pakistan. The Foreign Ministry has also raised concern on the inconvenience caused to the people living in the cross border territory due to Pakistan’s decision of sealing the border crossing with Afghanistan.

Afghanistan has demanded Pakistan to open this border at the earliest. Pak Army Chief, General Bajwa has applauded the attack on the terror groups. This attack is on the “common enemy” of both countries, claimed General Bajwa. Pakistan’s Foreign Office Spokesperson, Nafees Zakaria too alleged of the presence of terror camps in Afghanistan, who repeatedly target Pakistan.

Afghanistan has rejected Pakistan’s allegation. In turn, they have criticized the Pakistani terrorists who cause bloodshed on Afghan soil. The Afghan officials have stated that Afghanistan does not provide safe haven to the terrorists, rather, they are the victim of terrorism.

US warns Pakistan for the attack on Afghanistan

United States has strongly condemned Pakistan’s cross border attacks on Afghanistan. They have warned Pakistan to avoid any such attacks in future without Afghanistan’s official permission. A Pakistani news daily has reported of this warning coming from a senior official of the US State Department.

Terrorism is a common enemy of both Pakistan and Afghanistan, and US expects them to deal with it in coordination. However, while dealing with the terrorists hiding in Afghanistan, Pakistan should first take Afghanistan in confidence. If Pakistan continues their attacks without prior permission of Afghanistan, they will have to bear the consequences, forewarned senior official of the US State Department.

Previously also US and Afghanistan as well had cautioned Pakistan against their military operations in Afghanistan. Pakistan’s political observers expressed that if Pakistan’s military operations continue in Afghanistan then this nation will staunchly oppose Pakistan. The political observers also claim that Afghanistan’s accusation of Pakistan providing aid to terrorists cannot be ignored. Observers have also been drawing attention to  the fact that till date Pakistan has never offered any help to Afghanistan.

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