Sensation in Pakistan as government website shows POK as part of India, India rejoices

New Delhi: – The website of the Pakistan government, which tracks the developments of the Coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan, has shown Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) as a part of India and not Pakistan. Indians were rejoicing after this, asking a question, whether Pakistan has finally accepted POK is a part of India. While the Indian media and people were enthusiastically discussing the issue on social media, the Pakistan media and journalists were cursing their government. This highlights the insecurity and restlessness in the mind of Pakistan regarding POK. 

A few days ago, the Indian weather bureau included the weather report for POK in the national weather bulletin. The weather bureau said that POK was included as it is a sovereign part of India, occupied by Pakistan. In retaliation, the Pakistan weather bureau gave the weather forecast for Srinagar, Pulwama and Ladakh. But Pakistan became a laughing stock in its effort to retaliate against India. Because the temperatures, at these places, given in the bulletin were erroneous. Now with the official government map showing POK as Indian territory, appearing on an official government website, the Hate India Brigade in Pakistan is fuming.

Pakistan government has launched a website to track the information regarding the Coronavirus pandemic in Pakistan. A map had been posted on the website to show the geographical distribution of the Coronavirus influence. The Indians started commenting about the Imran Khan government as soon as the map was posted on the site. The Indian media also started claiming that ‘Pakistan has finally accepted that POK belongs to India and not Pakistan. The Pakistan government has confessed to this by showing POK as a part of India in the map on its official website.’ Thereafter, the Pakistan authorities hurriedly removed the map for the website. But the Pakistani media castigated the Imran Khan government saying that it was too late by then.

Analysts in Pakistan media have raised a despondent query whether Prime Minister Imran Khan has confessed to his failure by showing POK as a part of India. India has adopted a very aggressive military and foreign policy regarding POK. Pakistani analysts have expressed regret that the Imran Khan government has not been able to face the challenge posed by India, and the Pakistan government seems to be baffled by this Indian stand. The Hate India Brigade in Pakistan, while criticising the Indian stand on Kashmir, is praising the Indian statesmanship. These analysts are criticising that this is clearly demonstrating the incompetence of the Imran Khan government to the world.

While the Pakistan government is frustrated due to the erroneous map on the website, the Indians are rejoicing over it and are expressing confidence that POK will soon be under Indian control and this will include the Gilgit Baltistan region. A few months ago, Indian Foreign Minister S Jaishankar had claimed that POK would soon be under direct Indian control. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh also had asserted that sooner or later, India will acquire POK. Defence Chief General Bipin Rawat, Chief of Army Staff General MM Naravane and Air Chief Marshal RK Bhadauria had recently announced that the Indian defence forces are in a state of readiness to take action in POK.

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