Evidence of infiltration by Pakistani terrorists, Indian military releases video

Srinagar: A video clearly showing infiltration by the Pakistani terrorists, across the Line of Control, was released by the Indian military. The footage clearly shows terrorists trying to infiltrate from the Hajipir Sector, of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). The attack launched by the Indian soldiers is also seen in the video. This has exposed the blatant truth to the world that Pakistan is trying to carry out bloodshed in Jammu-Kashmir by sending terrorists.


Indian and Pakistani Prime Ministers will be addressing the UN general assembly on September 27. Imran Khan has declared that he will be standing there as an ambassador for the Kashmiri people and will raise the issue in front of the international community. As per the Pakistan media, Prime Minister Imran Khan will shower crushing criticism on India to attract the attention of the whole world to the Kashmir issue. But India seems to have cornered Pakistan by producing evidence of Pakistan promoting terrorism in Jammu-Kashmir.

Evidence of infiltration by Pakistani terrorists, Indian military releases videoThe Indian military exposed the plot hatched by the Pakistani Border Action Team (BAT) teams to infiltrate on 12th and 13th September. Along with Pakistani commandos, even terrorists are included in these BAT teams. The video also shows the attacks launched by the Indian soldiers on the BAT team. Therefore, it is proved that Pakistan continues to use terrorism as a weapon.

Nevertheless, 15 infiltration attempts, from PoK, were foiled by the Indian Military in August. On Tuesday, Indian Foreign Minister S.Jaishankar criticised that no other country in the world, like Pakistan, is using terrorism to achieve political objectives. Jaishankar also expressed confidence that one day PoK will be under Indian jurisdiction. To which reactions have been received from Pakistan.

Pakistan foreign ministry spokesman Faisal has denounced the statements made by the Indian Foreign Minister, terming them as irresponsible. The Pakistan media has started expressing a doubt that India is preparing to attack PoK and the discussions regarding the intensity of the attacks is being discussed in the media. Questions like ‘Is the Pakistan military capable of facing the Indian military onslaught?’ are being raised.

Even while expressing concerns of an Indian attack, Pakistan is not willing to stop the use of terrorism against India. Therefore, Pakistan is worried that India will retaliate with an attack on PoK, if there is a terror attack in India. Still, the Pakistan military is not willing to stop the terrorist attacks in Jammu-Kashmir, to make the Indian army wary. This is so because, the Pakistan military and the anti-India campaign leaders have realised that they will lose entire Kashmir, in such a scenario.

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