Pakistan should not repeat the 1971 mistake: Defence Minister Rajnath Singh

Jaipur: Defence Minister Rajnath Sigh issued a warning to Pakistan that ‘Pakistan should not repeat its 1971 mistake. In the 1971 war, Bangladesh was separated from Pakistan. If Pakistan commits a mistake against India once again, there is no hope for the country.’ Even in the past, the Indian Defence Minister has dispensed the advice to Pakistan to give up the path of terrorism in a very stern language.

Pakistan should not repeat the 1971 mistake: Defence Minister Rajnath SinghDefence Minister Rajnath Singh reprimanded Pakistan in suggestive words. ‘India does not recognise Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Pakistan has forcibly kept the region under its control. The PoK is an Indian territory, and therefore, India has reserved 24 seats for the territory in the Jammu-Kashmir assembly even today. I don’t want to say anything further.’

India had attacked a terrorist base in the Balakot operation. Pakistan military was not the target of the attack and India did not challenge the sovereignty of the nation with the operation. Nevertheless, if the Pakistan activities continue, I cannot predict the future”, Rajnath Singh warned.

Also, Indian Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar has talked an aggressive stand, and criticised that Pakistan was equivalent to ‘Terroristan’. Furthermore, Jaishankar lambasted Pakistan saying that ‘Pakistan has offered to play Cricket with India. Albeit, Pakistan chooses to play cricket by the day and terrorism at night. It will not be tolerated. India is willing to talk with Pakistan and not Terroristan.’

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