Indian military teaches Pakistan a lesson; Pakistan making hollow claims of India using cluster ammunition

New Delhi/Islamabad: Pakistan military accused India of using cluster bombs banned by the United Nations in Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK). Alleging that the lives of its citizens were being lost in these attacks, Pakistan has appealed to the International community. Pakistan has claimed that India had intruded as deep as 35 to 40 kilometres inside PoK and is targeting the hydro-electric project in the basin of the Neelam river whereas, it is reported that the Indian military has killed three terrorists intruding into India.

The Union government had decided to deploy 38,000 additional soldiers in Jammu-Kashmir. On Friday, an announcement asking to leave Amarnath pilgrims to leave Jammu-Kashmir was made. There is a lot of discussion in the media, regarding the developments in Jammu-Kashmir after this. The leaders from the state also have expressed concerns over the matter and stated that people of Jammu-Kashmir civilians have frightened. The Indian military accused that the terrorists were hatching a plan of a massive attack on the Amarnath pilgrimage with Pakistan backing. The military officials said that necessary precautions to prevent the attack were being taken.

Indian military teaches Pakistan a lesson; Pakistan making hollow claims of India using cluster ammunitionHowever, reports of a strong exchange of fire on the Line of Control, have been received. The Indian military seems to have taught a proper lesson to the Pakistan military, repeatedly violating the ceasefire. Major General Asif Ghafoor claimed that the Indian army was resorting to firing on the Line of Control out of sheer frustration. Major General Asif Ghafoor appealed to the international community to take note of the Indian activities.

In the meantime, a different version was seen on social media. One of the locals alleged that India was trying to target the hydro-electric project in the basin of the Neelam river in a video. The video shows the damages caused by the artillery fire of the Indian military. This part is nearly 35 to 40 kilometres inside the PoK. Therefore, as per locals, India used long-range artillery guns to carry out these attacks.

Media claimed that Indian military entered PoK to kill Pakistani soldiers and terrorists. There is no official confirmation to this report. However, the allegations, made by the Pakistani military officials against India, regarding the use of cluster bombings, indicate something else. Few people pointed to the fact that these explosives have to be planted and it is not possible without the Indian military entering the area. But the question, ‘Why the Pakistan military didn’t retaliate, if the Indian military entered Pakistan?’ is also being raised.

The Pakistan military seems to have backed out from the region unable to face the intense action by the Indian army. But Pakistan military does not want the openly accept their retreat. Therefore, the claim of Pakistan making empty allegations as nothing remains in its hands is doing rounds on social media. Although the claims have not been accepted openly, the Pakistani analysts are accusing India of firing along the line of control in Kashmir and disturbing peace.

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