Possibility of participation of POK in India cannot be denied, Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh  

New Delhi: – India and China have a border dispute. But both the countries are not interested in festering the dispute. Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh asserted that under any circumstances the pride of the country would not be allowed to be dented. At the same time, Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh gave clear indications that India can initiate an action to take over Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). The Defence Minister clearly stated the Indian stance, during an interview with the news channels.    

It is being claimed that there is a standoff between Indian and Chinese soldiers on the border in the Ladakh region and conflict could start in the region. US President Donald Trump expressed concerns saying that there is a possibility of a conflict between India and China. President Trump had even offered to mediate in the border dispute. But India and China both expressed willingness to resolve the dispute through negotiations, refusing the help offered by President Trump. Against this background, Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh was interviewed by a few news channels. India does not want to escalate the border dispute. But under no circumstances, there will be a compromise on the sovereignty of the country. Raj Nath Singh presented the government Stand in this matter, in pointed words, saying that the government will not allow any embarrassment for the country. Some military analysts are claiming that the reason behind the aggressive Chinese activities on the border is fear India has started preparations to take over POK, including Gilgit-Baltistan. Pakistan has gifted the part of Siachen, that was under Pakistani control, to China. China fears that while taking over POK and Gilgit-Baltistan, India will also attempt to take over the Siachen region. These military analysts are saying that this is the reason for the exhibition of aggression by China on the border.  

Against this background, Defence Minister Raj Nath Singh made a very suggestive statement regarding POK. While answering the question, ‘Will India take over POK?’ the Defence Minister gave an indicative reply that anything is possible. A few days ago, India instructed Pakistan to vacate POK. Talks have been rife, thereafter, that India will launch an attack to acquire POK and Gilgit-Baltistan. The Pakistani media have started claiming that the preparations for the attack are complete. But former Pakistan military officials are expressing regret that despite having all the information, the Pakistan government is only answering verbally to India.   

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