Baloch Leaders read out the lists of Pakistani atrocities, as one person goes missing from each house in Balochistan

Paris: – At least one person is missing from each of the houses in Balochistan. These include hundreds of women and children. The Pakistan military is routinely executing young Baloch students and political activists. An earnest appeal for intervention by the international community was made at the Prevent Genocide in Balochistan and Elimination Impunity virtual conference, held in the French capital of Paris, in the genocide of the Baloch people, a minority in Pakistan. Baloch organisations from around the world and human rights activists currently active in Balochistan participated in the conference. All these participants brought the atrocities faced by the Baloch people to light.

The Baloch leaders and activists made vitriolic criticism saying ‘Many people disappeared from the Baloch region in the last week. These included 300 women and 200 children. Pakistan military must have abducted them. Taking advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic around the world, Pakistan has intensified the atrocities against the Baloch people. Pakistan is only interested in the natural resources in Balochistan. Pakistan’s only objective is robbing the region.’

Italian journalist Francesca Marino expressed concern saying that the genocide in Balochistan, is carried out in cold blood. Whereas, another European member had said that he came across mass graves of Baloch people. But there was no action initiated by the European Union. Marino also drew attention to the killing of a Baloch reporter in Europe.

The Baloch leaders expressed regret that their resistance is being ignored for the last so many years. Whereas, Baloch activist Naila Baloch accused Pakistan of being an extremist and fanatical country and insisted that Balochistan is not Pakistan, but it is an independent country. Whereas, Mama Qadir Baloch, who participated in the virtual conference, said that he had joined from a house in Quetta and said that one person from the family, living in that house, was missing. Mama Qadir Baloch revealed heart wrenching information that Pakistan military is routinely meting out such atrocities in the region.

Former Pakistan Ambassador to the United States, Hussain Haqqani, made an appeal to the international community to take cognisance of the atrocities being meted out by Pakistan to the Baloch People. Haqqani made vitriolic criticism saying that the Baloch population is very small and the perpetrators of crimes are taking advantage of the fact. An attempt is being made to draw the attention of the world to the sufferings of the Baloch people, through the conference held in Paris. But the western media, criticising India that the actions against terrorists in Jammu-Kashmir are a violation of human rights, are not willing to say a single word regarding the sufferings of the Baloch people. This exposes the double standards of the western media.

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