Flying bullets to be equipped with 2nd squadron of ‘Tejas’

Coimbatore: – ‘Flying Bullets’, the squadron from the Indian Airforce, who had given an outstanding performance during the India-Pakistan war in 1971, will be equipped with the 2nd squadron of Tejas fighter jets. Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria announced that the Sulur airbase would be ready with a squadron of Tejas fighter jets, on Wednesday. France has clarified that there will be no delay, on account of the Coronavirus crisis, in supplying the Rafael fighter jets to India. While China and Pakistan pose major challenges on the border, the news regarding the Tejas and Rafael fighter jets are significant for the Indian Airforce.

The Flying Bullets squadron also known as the ‘Defender of the Kashmir Valley’, landed jets in Srinagar, during the 1971 war, giving a fitting reply to the Pakistani aggression. The squadron underwent reorganisation on the 1st of April. Within two months of this, deployment of Tejas fighter jets in the squadron is a strategically significant development. Pakistan has deployed fighter jets near the Jammu-Kashmir border. Whereas, it has been reported that China too, has deployed helicopters and fighter jets near the Ladakh border. Against this background, the deployment of Flying Bullets, with tonnes of experience of carrying out campaigns in the Kashmir valley, is indicating differently.

Indigenously developed and manufactured Tejas, a fourth-generation advanced jet fighter, has undergone innovative modifications since the first version. Tejas has found a place in the leading fighter jets, in the world and it is being said that other countries also are keen on buying Tejas fighter jets. Two months ago, the defence ministry sanctioned the purchase of 83 more Tejas fighter jets for the Indian Airforce. Confidence is being expressed that these indigenous Tejas fighter jets, will replace the Russian made Mig-27 fighter jets in the Airforce fleet. This will immensely benefit the defence equipment manufacturing sector from the country.

While the second squadron of Tejas is being inducted in the Indian Airforce, France made an important announcement regarding the supply of Rafael fighter jets to India. France said that despite the Coronavirus crisis, France would supply the Rafael fighter jets to India, as per the agreed schedule. French Ambassador to India, Emmanuel Lenin gave this information.

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