Two bridges strategically constructed in Arunachal Pradesh

New Delhi: The Border Road Organisation constructed two bridges in Tawang district and West Kameng district in Arunachal Pradesh. This flyover stands strategically significant against the background of the Chinese army’s mischief at the border. Thus, the Indian military will be deployed there immensely. 

The BRO has built Tawang Chhu river bridge in the Tawang district and the Sukha Nallah bridge in the west Kameng, which are about 50 metres and 45 metres long respectively. Chief Minister Pema Khandu inaugurated these flyovers. These flyovers will let our civilians cross the route well in time. Besides, these bridges are also strategically important to help the soldiers reach the border quickly. This bridge will allow the army to reach the McMahon Line at the earliest.

These bridges are going to ensure the safety of national borders. However, the bridge construction is going to provide the trade and employment opportunities, said Khandu as he expressed gratitude towards BRO’s engineers and workers.

Over the last few years, the development of basic facilities at the Indo-China border is being focused upon. Hence, India is making extensive efforts to make this possible. The safety of Arunachal Pradesh is being claimed as the Chinese intrusion there is on the rise. The rising intrusive actions by China indicate that it can create a huge challenge for our nation. Thus, considering such possibilities, India is taking essentials measures in the apt direction.

Under this project, the government is also making efforts to build roads and rail networks. These bridges constructed by the BRO seem to one of the major projects undertaken for development near the border. Moreover, about a month ago, the BRO had built the 460 feet long Bailey Bridge on the Subansiri river in Subansiri district in only 27 days. This bridge built by the BRO, who constructed in round the clock, is going to equip the heavy military vehicles to reach the Indo-China border in lesser time. Furthermore, the construction of the recent two flyovers indicates that India’s efforts towards development on the Indo-China border has sped up.

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