16 Pakistani soldiers killed in the attack by Baloch freedom fighters

Quetta: A Baloch rebel organisation attacked the location of the Pakistan military in the Baluchistan province, killing 16 soldiers. As per the information, Lashkar-e-Taiba militants were believed to be trained there and the Pakistani soldiers themselves were guarding them. However, the organisation Baluchistan Liberation Tigers launched a crushing attack, destroying the military base and seizing the weapon’s stock at the base. This attack was carried out on Tuesday and Pakistan has not given any official comment about the attack.

16 Pakistani soldiers killed in the attack by Baloch freedom fightersThe Baloch freedom fighters attacked the military base in the Singsila area in Baluchistan. Two vehicles of the Pakistani military were destroyed in the attack. The fighters set the base on fire and have seized the weapon’s stock at the station as well. It is said that 16 Pakistani soldiers were killed in this attack. Some of the Indian news channels claimed that these Pakistani soldiers were deployed at this location for the protection of Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists.

The videos of the attack by the Baloch rebels went viral on social media. But no one has confirmed the attack officially. The Pakistan agencies have maintained silence regarding the incident. The Baloch fighters have carried out massive attacks, even in the past. But the Pakistan military and government have adopted the policy to suppress these reports. Nevertheless, the Baloch rebels have prepared to raise their voice against the Pakistani atrocities and have started receiving a response at the international level.

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