US to deploy THAAD-like system on South Korean destroyers

US to deploy THAAD-like system on South Korean destroyers

Tokyo : A South Korean newspaper has published information of US moving forward to deploy missile system similar to ‘THAAD’ on South Korean destroyers. US and South Korean Navies have signed agreement to this effect, added the said newspaper. In past China had strongly objected to US’s decision of deploying THAAD missile system in South Korea.

Based on the information given by a senior official associated with the South Korean Defense Ministry, South Korean Navy has signed agreement with an American weapons manufacturing company ‘Lockheed Martin’.This company which is a leading manufacturer of warships and missile will be manufacturing THAAD-like systems for South Korean destroyers, aforesaid newspaper mentioned. It is claimed that in the next four years these missile intercepting devices will be deployed on South Korean destroyers.

At present South Korean destroyers are equipped with ‘SPY-1’ radar system. With the help of this radar, enemy’s missiles can be intercepted. This information can also be relayed to fighter planes and missile systems. However the South Korean destroyers are not capable of destroying enemy’s missiles, hence the US has made this agreement of deploying missile intercepting system on South Korea’s destroyers. However the US destroyers are equipped with highly advanced missile intercepting system- ‘Aegis’.

US to deploy THAAD-like system on South Korean destroyers

The US has earlier announced to deploy ‘THAAD’ at six locations in South Korea.South Korea’s Park Geun-hye government too has accepted the ‘THAAD’ deployment to be necessary for the nation’s security. South Korea and the US have targeted to deploy this system by end of this year. However China has strongly opposed the US ‘THAAD’ in South Korea.

China has accused US’s deployment of ‘THAAD’ being aimed at it. It has also warned South Korea to refrain from this deployment. The US has begun to take steps to pacify China. Accordingly US military officials have been on a visit spree to China in past week. US Army chief Mark Milley is presently on visit to China. Hemet Commander of China’s Army, Li Zuocheng and tried to convince China about this deployment, stating the deployment of ‘THAAD’ systems to be entirely against North Korea.

Meanwhile due to the hypersonic missiles of China and Russia, the worries of US have increased. In order to beat these hypersonic missiles, Pentagon has ordered the manufacturing of the latest version of ‘THAAD’ and also advanced laser system. Senior officials of American weapons manufacturing company have revealed details about this.

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