North Korean President orders citizens to evacuate the capital, claims Russian and South Korean media

Seoul: In spite of only a few hours remaining for the deployment of America’s aircraft carrier warship on to the Korean waters, the leader of the North Korean governance, Kim Jong-un ordered the residents of Pyongyang,the capital of the country, to leave the city immediately. Both Russia and South Korea’s press has claimed that these orders issued by the country chief of North Korea, may imply a preparation for war. Concurrently, China has assigned 25,000 additional soldiers to the Korean border. 

North Korea Kim Jong UnAccording to the Russian newspaper Pravda, North Korea had allotted its citizens time only up to six thirty in the morning of the very next day for evacuation. South Korea’s media spoke of the North Korean citizens having to bid their relatives a hurried good bye and leave the city. A poster on social media by a North Korean correspondent reported of even cell phones being forbidden. 

The reason behind these orders is unclear, but 25% of the population from Pyongyang have been asked to evacuate. Yet another 15 to 18 lac citizens are still estimated to be staying in the city along with more than 200 foreign journalists, who had earlier arrived in Pyongyang for a special event.  

The 105th birth anniversary of Kim II Sung,the founding president of North Korea will be celebrated in the country on Saturday. It is being said that on the same occasion, North Korea is likely to carry out its sixth nuclear testing, they may even test the submarine ballistic missiles to display their competence.  

If North Korea proceeds with these nuclear and ballistic missile trials,then it may be calling for intense repercussions from US. On the background of North Korea’s nuclear testing, US’s aircraft carrier warship USS Carl Vinson is being deployed in the Korean territory. China too has signaled of charging bombs at North Korea while assigning one and a half lac soldiers on the North Korean border. Which, China explains, is for their own security in case conflict strikes out in North Korea.   

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