Couple responsible for igniting violence in New Delhi arrested, Links with IS Khorasan exposed

New Delhi: The New Delhi police have detained Jahanzeb Sami and his wife Heena Bashir Baig on receiving information that this couple was responsible for triggering violence in New Delhi. This couple operates for the terrorist outfit Islamic State of Khorasan, an affiliate of the IS. The couple had been conspiring to initiate a spate of suicide attacks and riots in India. But this could be averted as the New Delhi police detained them in time.

Couple responsible for igniting violence in New Delhi arrested, Links with IS Khorasan exposedProtests were being held in New Delhi against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), passed by the Indian Parliament. But suddenly, the protests turned violent where riots arose. The number of people killed in the violence had crossed 50. A strong possibility of a foreign hand was being predicted. The links have been exposed now. Jahanzeb Sami and his wife Heena Bashir Baig who had come from Kashmir were detained by the New Delhi police from the Jamia Nagar Okhla area. A special unit of the New Delhi police carried out this action.

Jahanzeb Sami was very active on social media. This is the reason he came on the police radar. On preliminary inquiries, it was established that he was connected with the terrorist unit of the IS in Afghanistan. It has been repeatedly exposed that the target of this terrorist unit named the Islamic State of Khorasan is carrying out terrorist attacks in India. Sami confessed in the preliminary interrogation that he was working to appeal to the extremists in India and uniting them. He also admitted that he intended to trigger riots against the CAA.

Sami also said that he was to supply the weapons needed for this purpose. He also confessed that he was writing in a periodical promoting IS. Khattab, an associate of Sami, had already been arrested and currently, he is in Tihar jail. Sami’s wife Heena was helping too, with the social media, in the attempt to start riots. She was active on social media as Katija Al Kashmiri or Anabi.

The horrible conspiracy to trigger riots and carrying out suicide attacks in India was done and dusted with the arrest of the couple. Meanwhile, it is being revealed that Pakistan was behind the New Delhi violence. The intelligence department has captured an online conversation in this matter, and in the conversation, the handlers in Pakistan are asking their colleagues in India to intensify the anti-CAA agitation.

The handlers in Pakistan are expressing displeasure that there was not a large crowd for the anti-CAA protests and are threatening their associates in India. The Pakistani handlers threatened that the funding provided would be stopped.

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