Leftist Alliance gaining majority in Nepal’s elections

Kathmandu : The results of the elections in Nepal are being declared and leftist alliance is observed to be progressing towards a steady majority. From the results declared till date, 81 seats have been won by the leftist alliance, and it is quite certain that Nepal shall witness a majority government this time. These elections will have a big impact on the relations between Nepal and India.


Khadga-Prasad-SharmaElections were held in Nepal in the last week. The counting of votes began last Sunday. According to the results declared till date, it is clear that the alliance between the Communist Party of Nepal – United Marxist Leninists (CPN-UML) and the Communist Party of Nepal- Maoist Centre (CPN-M) is about to win majority. The CPN-UML party of former Prime minister of Nepal, K.P Sharma Oli has secured 59 seats and CPN-M party of former prime minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) has secured 22 seats in the elections till now. The Nepal Congress party, that had secured majority seats last time around seems to have totally lost, as they have managed to get a mere 12 seats. Two parties representing  the Madhesis have secured for themselves overall six places in the elections.

In the Representatives House of Nepal, 275 members are elected out of which, 165 members are directly elected from the elections, while the rest of them are decided on the basis of their number of members that are elected. For majority, 138 seats are necessary and leftist alliance will definitely make it is getting cleared. In the year 2006, monarchy came to an end giving way to beginning of the democratic rule. None of the parties have managed to get a clear majority in any of the following polls resulting in political instability in the last decade. Also, clashes had erupted over the passing of the new constitution. By the end of 2015 Nepal established for the first time a new constitution after which the current elections have been conducted, the results of which will be considered historic.

Observing the overall trend, the people of Nepal seem to have voted in favour of a majority, stable government. But leftist alliance getting a majority in Nepal may prove a big blow for India. It is almost certain that K.P Oli of CPN-UML will again be the Prime Minister. But many of the policies devised by K.P Oli were in favour of China. During his term as Prime Minister, he had decided that Nepal will be a part of ‘One Belt One Road’, project of China. Also, Chinese companies were permitted to provide fuel to Nepal. Similarly, Oli had favoured China for the hydropower project on the Budhi-Gandaki river and other significant alike projects. Accordingly, it is said that, once K.P Oli is elected as the Prime Minister, such projects and the alliance of China with Nepal will definitely gain a firm pace.

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