Must act against terrorists; if it wants a dialogue with India, US warns Pakistan

Washington: The United States warned Pakistan that a fruitful dialogue is possible with India only if it takes some stringent actions against the terrorists and extremists in Pakistan. US President is going on his India visit and the warning, to act against terrorists in the country, issued to Pakistan only a day before the visit becomes significant. The United States, in a way, has supported the Indian stand that terrorism and dialogue cannot go hand in hand.

The Indian government revoked the article 370 of the Indian constitution, withdrawing the special status awarded to Jammu-Kashmir. Following this, the tension between India and Pakistan increased further. Pakistan had severed diplomatic ties with India after this. The White House official said that the United States intends to defuse this tension and there needs to be a dialogue between the two countries. He added that the United States was encouraging both the countries to come to the negotiation table.

Must act against terrorists; if it wants a dialogue with India, US warns PakistanThe official also clarified that the United States is well aware that the dialogue can be successful only after Pakistan takes some credible and severe actions against the terrorists and extremists, in that country. He also warned that the United States was monitoring the developments.

Recently, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) decided to retain Pakistan in the Greylist for another four months. Against this background, the warning issued by the United States to Pakistan for action against terrorists becomes significant.

Only a few days ago, President Trump had expressed willingness to mediate between India and Pakistan, to resolve the Kashmir issue. India had dismissed the offer saying that Kashmir was an internal Indian matter. Pakistan is pleading with the United States and other countries to initiate a dialogue with India.

But India has repeatedly clarified that no dialogue is possible till the cross-border terrorism is stopped completely. Against this background, the United States is pointing out to Pakistan that dialogue with India is possible, only after a strict action against terrorists and extremists in Pakistan.

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