Trade begins between India and Afghanistan through the Chabahar Port of Iran.

New Delhi: A green signal was given  by  the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj, to the ship carrying wheat to Afghanistan, through the Chabahar Port of Iran. This route which has been opened for Afghanistan is indicative of the peace and progress awaiting Afghanistan, said the External Affairs Minister Swaraj. With the opening of this new route, Afghanistan no longer has to depend on Pakistan from foodgrains to other life necessities. Afghanistan’s new policies reflect this attitude also, while the President of Afghanistan also gave a sharp warning to Pakistan for its obstructive ways.


The ship carrying wheat for Afghanistan left the Kandla Port of Gujarat on Sunday. Through the facility of video conferencing the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj gave the green signal to this ship. Likewise, the External Affairs Minister of Afghanistan, Salahuddin Rabbani welcomed the ship through video conferencing. While speaking on the occasion, the External Affairs Minister Swaraj said with emotions that the wheat is a gift to the Afghan people from the people of India. She expressed confidence that the opening of the new trade route is also opening new doors of peace and prosperity for Afghanistan. She said, that the doors are now wide open for the people of both the countries for mutual give and take from culture to trade, from tradition to technology. The External Affairs Minister Swaraj further added that it could lead to strengthening ties between India, Afghanistan and Iran.

With India developing the Chabahar Port for Iran, and the route now open to Afghanistan for trade, this region may experience changes in economic, political and strategic fields. Prior to this, Afghanistan was totally dependent on Pakistan for foodgrains and other necessities of life. Hence it was impossible for Afghanistan Government to take a firm stance against Pakistan who was causing terrorism in Afghanistan. Now this dilemma has ended for Afghanistan, and it is the Afghan Government now which has the upper hold on Pakistan. A few days back, the President of Afghanistan had given a glimpse of this to Pakistan.

The President of Afghanistan strictly warned Pakistan that henceforth if Pakistan disallowed the use of trade route between Afghanistan and India, then Afghanistan would hold back the (CPEC) project from passing through their land. Moreover, Afghanistan’s President Ghani, prior to his visit to India, had ordered the incoming trucks from Pakistan to be stalled at the borders. The contents of the trucks were emptied at the border, then placed in Afghan trucks and routed inside Afghanistan. It is said that with this action, Afghanistan conveyed  an apt message to Pakistan.

With the development of the Chabahar Port, a new confidence has come up in Afghanistan, and in coming years, Afghanistan would take strict measures against Pakistan, such is also  the fear expressed by Pakistan’s analysts. 

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