New Chinese missiles will disable enemy military systems, claim Chinese military analysts

Beijing – China has tested missiles that destroy enemy military and communications systems by penetrating multi-layered air defence systems. The Chinese military has claimed that the missiles could weaken enemy systems targeting important enemy locations. Chinese analysts say the missiles could be a signal to the United States, Japan or Taiwan.


China, South China Sea, Chinese missile, War ExerciseTwo days ago, China’s People’s Liberation Army Rocket Force tested two medium-range missiles in the northwest. The Chinese military says the test, conducted as part of a quick response exercise, was successful. China has not released the names or details of the missiles. But these missiles will make it easier to destroy enemy strategic locations by overcoming electromagnetic interference created by the enemy, China’s state news agency claimed.

The missiles succeeded in penetrating the multi-level air defence system and destroying enemy bases hundreds of kilometres away. According to the Chinese news channel, the missile destroyed the enemy’s military and communication systems. Analysts affiliated with the Chinese military also highlighted the importance of the missile test and the warning given to the United States and Taiwan.

Last week, the Chinese military conducted air and naval exercises near Taiwan’s territorial waters. The exercise was organized in response to the provocative actions of the Taiwan Independence Forces. Testing of both missiles was the next step, Wu Xiaomin warned.

‘The exercise was to show that the Chinese military is fully prepared to respond strongly if the United States intervenes in China’s internal issues, ranging from Taiwan to the South China Sea. This test proves that this will not only destroy the enemy’s military and communications systems but also lead to China’s victory in future wars,’ warned a Chinese military official.

The official claimed that the missiles were electromagnetic weapons on condition of anonymity. Although not directly mentioned by Chinese analysts, Chinese media claim that this is also a warning to Japan, deploying missiles near Ishigaki Island for Taiwan‘s security. In addition to Ishigaki, Japan is considering deploying an ‘Electronic Warfare Unit’ on Yonaguni Island, just 110 kilometres from Taiwan. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that China has tried to threaten Japan by conducting this missile test.

Meanwhile, it was reported, a few weeks ago, that China had built missile-equipped silos. Citing this, US military analysts accused China of preparing for war.

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