North Korea threatens to retaliate against US-South Korea military exercises

Pyongyang/Washington/Seoul: North Korea has said that the US was trying to bring dark war clouds in the Korean region with the joint military exercises between the United States and South Korea to be held in April; and has threatened of a strong retaliation against it. At the time of issuing the warning, North Korea has also expressed preparedness for negotiations with the US but, has reiterated its stand of no preconditions. In view of the North Korean threats, South Korean President ‘Moon Jae-In’ has announced sending a high-powered delegation to North Korea for discussions.

military-exercisesTwo weeks ago, the United States had announced new sterner sanctions against North Korea. It had imposed restrictions on 50 companies and business persons, aiding North Korea in their nuclear and missile programs. US claimed that due to these sanctions, the North Korean nuclear and missile programs will be brought to its knees and will close down. China had opposed the sanctions imposed by the US against North Korea.

Following this, South Korea had proposed to invite the United States and North Korea for direct negotiations. United States President Donald Trump consented to the negotiations and agreed that he would be willing towards preconditions. Trump had clarified that if North Korea is willing to come to the negotiations by taking the first step and closing its nuclear program, the United States would also be willing to negotiate as well. President Trump had also reminded that the North Korean nuclear and missile programs are in their final stages.

The new statements by North Korea show that after learning about the stance taken by the United States, it has once again started to issue threats. ‘If the United States starts its military exercises with South Korea while continuing sanctions on North Korea, North Korea will retaliate against the United States in its own way. Therefore, the United States will be solely responsible for the consequences. The United States should keep this in mind and show restrain’, warned North Korea.

North Korea also accused the United States of planning to trigger a war in the Korean region. North Korea has appealed to the international community to raise their voice against this. At the same time, it has also rejected to the United States President’s offer for negotiations with preconditions.

Meanwhile, the South Korean President ‘Moon Jae-In’ announced to send a high-powered delegation to North Korea. It was clarified that the delegation will include the chief of South Korean National Intelligence Service, ‘Suh Hoon’ and National Security Advisor ‘Chung Eui-yong’. It has been informed that the delegation will include 10 members.

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