Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif appeals Pak soldiers not to obey General Bajwa

Quetta: – Protests organised by the combined opposition parties of Pakistan, against the Pakistan government and military, in the city of Quetta, received an overwhelming response. Former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif showered vitriolic criticism while addressing a public rally of the combined opposition parties, on Sunday. It is claimed to be the most aggressive speech delivered by Sharif so far. Sharif accused that Musharraf who sparked the Kargil war did not supply weapons and food to the soldiers on the border. Even today, army chief General Bajwa, who has put his puppet, Imran Khan in power, is playing with Pakistan’s future. Sharif created a sensation in Pakistan, by appealing to the Pakistani soldiers to disobey their senior officials.   

The protests organised by the opposition alliance PDM, in the city of Quetta, were more successful that the one’s organised in Gujranwala and Karachi. There were three blasts in Baluchistan, before the rally. Whereas, three people were killed and five were injured, in a blast, only half a kilometre away from the site of the protests, at the time, when the protests were in progress. Even after these incidents, thousands participated in the Quetta rally and chanted slogans against Prime Minister Imran Khan and General Bajwa. While addressing the rally from London, Nawaz Sharif launched a scathing attack against the military top brass.  

The Pakistan military did not decide to spark the Kargil war against India in 1999 as a whole. Still, it was the decision of General Musharraf and some of his colleagues. The war did not achieve anything other than embarrassment for Pakistan. The Pakistani soldiers sent on the hills, in Kargil, by Musharraf, did not have any idea of the mission. After the start of the conflict, the soldiers were not even supplied food. The basic demand of the soldiers for the supply of food and ammunition also was not met. Sharif expressed regret that Pakistan is facing the punishment for Musharraf’s blunder, even today.   

Musharraf orchestrated the revolution only to hide his failure in Kargil and took over the reins of the country. Saying that during Musharraf’s tenure massacres have been carried out in Pakistan, Sharif cited the action in the Lal Masjid in Karachi. Sharif accused that it was this dictator, who showered atrocities on Baluchistan. Blaming that even today, the Pakistan military is abducting people in Baluchistan, Sharif warned that army chief General Bajwa and ISI chief Faiz Hamid would have to be answerable for this. General Bajwa was instrumental in bringing this unworthy, Imran Khan government into power and Pakistani population is suffering from price rise and unemployment because of this. Sharif added that General Bajwa would have to be answerable for this too. Sharif also retorted that Prime Minister Imran Khan Niyazi could not protect himself by criticising others. Some of the analysts from the Pakistan media are saying that with this kind of aggressive criticism, against the Pakistan government and military, Sharif has shut the doors for his return. The analysts are criticising that the appeal made by Sharif to the Pakistan military, to disobey these power-hungry senior officials, will create a divide in the military. Some journalists even expressed fears that this will create anarchy in Pakistan. But all the analysts and journalists concurred that the Quetta rally has increased the pressure, tremendously, on the Imran Khan government.   

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