France recalls its Ambassador to Turkey

Paris/Ankara: – French President Emmanuel Macron has recalled the French Ambassador from Turkey. This decision was taken after derogatory remarks were made by the Turkish President about President Macron. There is already severe tension reigning between France and Turkey over issues like the Armenia-Azerbaijan war. Now following the remarks of the Turkish President, indications are that the tension will fester further.   

France and Turkey have repeatedly been clashing over the issues of Syria, Libyan conflict, immigrant influx, efforts to increase religious extremism in Europe and stand in NATO. Now, there is an addition of Greece and Armenia-Azerbaijan war. Therefore, the tension between France and Turkey seems to be increasing by the day. Only last month, the French President had fired a salvo of criticism that Turkey is an imperialistic regime. Against this background, the remarks of the Turkish President seem to be adding fuel to the fire of the disputes with France.   

Turkish President Recep Erdogan spewed venom against President Macron using offensive words, ‘The head of state meting out a differential treatment to the groups of other religions should get his head examined. I do not know what the problem with the person known as Macron is, but in my opinion, he needs to be treated for a mental illness.’ The Turkish President also claimed that Macron would not return to power in the 2022 elections in France. He also accused that Macron has not done anything for France. Strong reactions emanated from France over the statements of the Turkish President.  

The French President’s office has given a stern reply, ‘President Erdogan’s statements will not be tolerated. Extremism and disrespect are not a way of speaking. Erdogan’s policies are a threat in every respect, and we demand that he makes changes to the policies.’ The French officials expressed displeasure that the appeal made by Turkey for a ban on French products is also a cause of concern. The officials also retorted that the Turkish President didn’t even have the courtesy to send a message to offer his sympathies after the terror attacks in France. Reaction has also been received from the European Union, and the senior EU officials said that the remarks of the Turkish President, regarding President Macron, are unacceptable.   

Not only holding back to verbal volleys, but France has also taken an aggressive stand even on the diplomatic front. French President Macron has recalled Herve Magro, the French Ambassador from Turkey. Sources claim that recalling the Ambassador can be the first step in severing diplomatic ties with Turkey. There is the background of the terror attacks carried out by the extremists in France over the last one months for this festering tension between France and Turkey. One teacher had been killed, and two others had been injured in these attacks carried out in Paris and the nearby areas.  

But even before that, the Syrian conflict, immigrant influx, Libyan war, activities against Greece in the Mediterranean Sea and interference in the Armenia-Azerbaijan war have been the points of dispute between France and Turkey. France had warned that Turkey should not cross the red line, by citing examples from history. At the same time, the French President had demanded imposition of sanctions against Turkey because of its activities against Greece. 

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