China disappointed with Pakistan over ‘CPEC’

Islamabad : China is disappointed with Pakistan as work on the China Pakistan Economic Corridor(CPEC)is progressing at a very slow speed. China has pressurised Pakistan by openly condemning it for the delay in the CPEC project. At the same time‘The Dawn’a news daily of Pakistan, published a report that hints on the disagreement between the government of Pakistan and its military over the CPEC.

Nawaz SharifThe Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Nawaz Sharif had been undergoing medical treatment in London for a long time.It is during the same period that the work on the CPEC got delayed. China earlier had also held the red tapism in Pakistan responsible for the delay. At present a very dejected China has decided to opt for different ways and means to accelerate the pace of this project.There was a meeting held last month between Mr. Sun Weidong, China’s envoy in Pakistan and Mr. Raheel Sharif, the army chief of Pakistan,to carry out further discussions on the issue of the delay in the CPEC project. The discussions held at this meeting are of great importance,as the government of Pakistan has been unable to arrive at any kind of decision on the CPEC.

The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif is being held responsible for the depletion the Pakistani economy.The FDI in Pakistan has fallen;currently the economy of Pakistan is completely shaken,and under such circumstances the Chinese investment in a project like the CPEC has gained importance for the Sharif government, and thus they are not ready to handover the project to the Pakistani military. 

According to Pakistan’s news daily ‘The Dawn‘, the CPEC has become one additional issue that has sparked off a conflict between the government of Pakistan and its military. The Newspaper also claims that Pakistan’s military is very interested in the completion of this project.  

Pakistan GeneralGeneral Sharif has announced the deployment of a regiment that would be responsible for the protection of this project. The General further added that this project is very important for the future of Pakistan,thus inspite of the conspiracy, the completion of this project would be of utmost importance. The Pakistan military too has become restless over the non-completion of this project.However the delay is not only because of Pakistan’s bureaucratic processes, but also because that the citizens of Pakistan do not want this project to be finished.  

This project starts from the Gaudhar port in Baluchistan, and the people of Baluchistan are completely against the project. The Chinese engineers recruited for this project were also attacked by the locals. The change in the route of the project would be beneficial for the province of Punjab,which has been objected to by the members of other political parties. Whereas analysts feel that Pakistan who was under the US slavery earlier would now become salves to China because of the CPEC. Some of the analysts feel that as China and Pakistan are allies, it may happen that in the future Pakistan would come under strong Chinese influence and become like the Chinese. The analysts are cautioning Pakistan that its agreement on the CPEC project with China would distance Pakistan from America, and that would have many implications in the future. 

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