China is number one national security threat for US: Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley

Philadelphia: Former US Ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley, warned that China is the biggest threat for US national security. At this time, Haley praised that action taken by the Trump administration against Pakistan. President Trump and the US administration have adopted a very aggressive stand against China and have targeted Chinese activities, including Coronavirus. President Trump has also accused China of interfering in the US Presidential elections and has made this the central issue of his election campaign. The warning issued by Nikki Haley also seems to be a part of the same strategy.

China is the biggest threat for US national security, former US Ambassador to UN, Nikki HaleyFormer US Ambassador to UN, Nikki Haley, is known to be a bitter opponent of China. A few months ago, she had started a ‘Stop Communist China’ campaign demanding that the US Congress should take necessary steps to counter the increasing Chinese advancement in the world. The campaign received an overwhelming response. Against this background, Nikki Haley seems to have sharpened the edge of her attacks on China.

Nikki Haley fired a salvo of criticism at China saying, ‘Currently, China ranks number one in the list of threats to the United States. China becomes a threat even from the national security point of view. President Trump demonstrated the courage to castigate China on the intellectual property rights issue through the trade agreement. In the future, China will not commit the blunder of intellectual property thefts from the United States, backtracking on the commitment. Trump has pointed this out to China. China will not be able to carry out spying, entering into the US educational institutions. Before taking the relations forward with China, responsibilities will be fixed for every action.’ At this time, she also mentioned the action taken by Trump against Pakistan.

China is the biggest threat for US national security, former US Ambassador to UN, Nikki HaleyHaley drew attention to the aggressive Trump policies, ‘The United States has supplied military assistance worth billions of dollars to Pakistan. Pakistan was using the equipment to nurture terrorists. The terrorists harboured by Pakistan were taking the lives of the US soldiers. But now, the United States is not giving any military aid to Pakistan, and the Trump administration has stopped this. President handled the issue effectively without depending only on the United Nations.’ Only two days ago, the International community decided to continue with the sanctions imposed on Pakistan on the terror-funding issue. Against this background, Haley seems to have highlighted the Pakistani activities pointing to them once again.

The US Presidential elections are scheduled to be held in the next week, and President Trump has made his stand more aggressive against China. Senior secretaries and supporting leaders, along with Trump, are also targeting China. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had criticised that the perceived Chinese threat to the United States is a reality.

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