Natanz blast was carried out as a stern warning to Iran, reports Israeli press 

Jerusalem: Iran’s efforts that are progressing in the development of nuclear bombs will not be tolerated beyond a red line. Moreover, Israeli news agency, The Jerusalem Post, claimed that the blast at Natanz Uranium Enrichment Plant was carried out to give a clear message to the Iran regime. Also, this blast has been carried out via physical sabotage and not a cyberattack, mentioned the Israeli press agency. Furthermore, The Jerusalem Post cited the claims made by international press and Israeli leaders to prove its point.   

Two months ago, on 2 July, the overprotected nuclear project in Natanz faced a mysterious explosion. Initially, Iran avoided revealing information about this blast, but Iran had to agree after the locals posted images and videos of the incident on social media. Earlier, the Iranian rebel group, Homeland Cheetahs, had accepted responsibility for this attack. Over the past two months, Iran has stated various things regarding the attack and has also claimed that it was planned sabotage. However, the Israeli newspaper drew attention to the fact that Iran has denied holding Israel responsible for the attack.    

Israeli PM, Benjamin Netanyahu, did not comment over the incident of this explosion at the Natanz nuclear plant. But this newspaper cited a few statements issued by other Israeli political leaders. Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gabi Ashkenazi, had indicated of Israel being involved with the explosion. Moreover, he mentioned that Israel does not want Iran to be loaded with ammunition as it would be a threat to Israel’s security. Besides, he also suggested that it would be better not to discuss this Israeli action. Hence, the newspaper claimed that Israel is involved with the explosion at the Natanz nuclear project.    

At the same time, the news agency has claimed this explosion has massively affected the Natanz nuclear plant as well as the Iran nuclear program. According to the information given to the news agency by David Albright, the founder of the Institute for Science and International Security, this blast has sabotaged three-fourth of the plant. Hence, Albright also mentioned that the Iran nuclear plant had been pushed behind by six years. Furthermore, he also said that considering the damage of this nuclear plant, the resumption of uranium enrichment looks difficult. This explosion has halted the research on Iran’s advanced centrifuges, mentioned Albright. Thus, the Israeli newspaper claimed that this explosion in Iran was Israel’s message to the Iran regime.    

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