Israel will continue to act at free will in Syria, announces Israeli Defence Minister, Lieberman

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Jerusalem: ‘Israel’s objective isn’t to attack Russia or to interfere in the internal matters of Syria, but if there is a misconception that Israel can be attacked by missiles or the Israeli jets can be shot down, Israel will certainly respond to it and the response will be powerful,’ warned Avigdor Lieberman, the Defence Minister of Israel. This is the second time that Lieberman has said that Israel will not care for Russia if it comes in the way of Israeli attacks in Syria. Israel and Russia seem to have come to loggerheads on the Syrian issue.

There were air raids on the Iranian bases in Syria, in the cities of Hama and Aleppo on Sunday night.  The media associated with the Syrian government has accused that the attacks were carried out by Israeli fighter jets. Israel has not reacted to these allegations. Even earlier, the Syrian government has accused Israel of carrying out attacks on its territory. The Syrian government had claimed to have shot down an Israeli F-16 in retaliation.

While responding to these accusations, Israeli Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman, had said that Israel will not tolerate military bases of Iran and Hezbollah in Syria. Israel had termed the Iranian military bases in Syria as a threat to Israel and has appealed to Russia to stop the Iranian military activities in Syria. As Russia rejected Israel’s appeal, Israel clarified that they should not be held responsible for any future attacks in Syria. Israeli Defence Minister, Lieberman once again expressed displeasure over the Iranian military bases in Syria. Lieberman had also warned that if the Russian S-300 air defence system tried to target the Israeli fighter jets, Israel will not hesitate to destroy the Russian air defence system. Subsequently, on Sunday, Lieberman issued a fresh warning to Russia while speaking about the Syrian attacks, at a function organised by a popular daily in Israel.

‘Israel will not tolerate any obstruction by Russia or any other country to reduce the Israeli attacks in Syria. Israel will continue to act at its own free will in Syria,’ announced Israeli Defence Minister, Avigdor Lieberman. The former Chief of Israeli intelligence had also issued a similar warning. The former official had said that Israel is capable of attacking the Russian air defence systems and the Israeli Air force will have a plan in place for that.

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