Cyber-attacks can cause crashes of airliners and fighter jets, warns Israeli Prime Minister

Third World War

Tel Aviv: ‘A fighter jet or a passenger airliner can be crashed through a cyber attack from computer or even a mobile device. Cyber attacks are becoming a major threat to global security and all countries need to unite against them,’ appealed Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Prime Minister Netanyahu also made an indirect accusation that a group of such attackers exists in Iran.

A conference on cyber-issues was organised in a university in Tel Aviv, the financial capital of Israel. While speaking at the conference, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that the dreadful nature of these cyber-attacks is a threat to the global security. An airborne fighter jet or a passenger airliner is also not safe from these cyber attacks. The fighter jets and heavy passenger airliners can be made to crash within minutes, warned Netanyahu.

Israel is one of the leading countries in the cyber sector. Israel has established an independent cyber security centre in the Beersheba city to keep an eye on the cyber attacks. Despite this, it cannot be guaranteed that these cyber-attacks can be stopped. The silver bullet to permanently stop such cyber-attacks has still not been made, said Netanyahu.

‘The Israeli people will have to go through some serious challenges because of these cyber-attacks. We don’t just have only the criminals, terrorists and other countries to fight against, but we will also have to fight the invisible cyber attacker, and it is necessary that all the countries in the world have a unified system,’ appealed the Israeli Prime Minister.

Netanyahu drew the attention of the international community to the Iranian cyber attackers while mentioning cyber threats. While saying that some countries are leading the field of cyber thefts and cyber-attacks, he indirectly referred to Iran, which poses a major threat to Israeli security.

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