Moves to destabilise Syria have increased since Biden became US President, accuses Turkish newspaper

Ankara/Damascus/Moscow: – After Joe Biden took over as President of the United States, the incidence of terror attacks in Syria has increased. A leading Turkish newspaper made a crushing allegation that the terrorists are trying to disturb peace and stability in the country by carrying out attacks on the civilian settlements. Information is surfacing that in the last 24 hours, the terrorists carried out 35 attacks in Syria. Meanwhile, a Syrian analyst warned that the IS camp set up for the family members of the terrorists would be a place where a new generation of terrorists will be nurtured.  


Joe-Biden-USA few hours ago, ten people were injured in a rocket attack carried out by the terrorists in the Afrin region in northern Syria. Turkey is accusing that terrorists from the YPG group, associated with the PKK group in Turkey, were responsible for the rocket attack in Afrin. The leading newspaper from Turkey accused that the attacks by the terrorist organisations PKK and YPG are on the rise in Syria.   

The attacks are being carried out on the Al-Bab, Afrin and Ezaz, cities under Turkish control. The anti-terrorism stand of the Biden administration is not clear. The newspaper accused that, therefore PKK and YPG have increased their attacks in Syria after Biden came to power. The Turkish newspaper accused that Bret McGurk’s appointment in the Biden administration indicates cooperation between the United States and PKK terrorists. Only four days ago, Turkish President Erdogan had accused the Biden Administration of covering up for the PKK terrorists. The organisation PKK meaning Kurdistan Workers Party, has been declared a terrorist organisation by Turkey. At the same time, Turkey is accusing that the organisation YPG, an affiliate of PKK, is also involved in terrorist activities. Last week, Turkey had accused PKK of killing 13 Turkish citizens in Iraq. Turkey is accusing that this terrorist organisation is targeting Turkish citizens.  But as per other reports, the killed people were police and soldiers.   

Along with Turkey, even Russia has started claiming that there is an increase in the terrorist attacks in Syria. Jbat Al-Nusr an Al Qaeda affiliated organisation has increased attacks in Syria. This organisation has carried out 18 rocket attacks in Idlib alone, 12 in Latakia and two each in Hama and Aleppo. The details of casualties in the attacks have not been revealed. But the Russian defence ministry alleged that the organisation Jabat has violated the ceasefire imposed in Syria since the last so many months.   

Meanwhile, as per information published by an international agency, 20 people have been killed in the camp started for the families of the IS terrorists in the Al-Haul region. These include the policemen and soldiers deployed for the security of the camp. There has been a report of the beheading of an Iraqi citizen. Abdullah Suleiman Ali, a Syrian analyst, warned that if cognisance is not taken of these developments in time, the camp will build a new generation of IS terrorists. 

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