More than 1.6 million issued with domicile certificate in Jammu & Kashmir 

New Delhi: – The Jammu-Kashmir administration informed that 1.679 million people have been issued Domicile Certificates since June under the new residency law. There are 19,571 Pakistani immigrants, among the people issued the domicile certificates. Thousands from the Valmiki and Gorkha communities also have been issued the domicile certificates.   

All these people were not considered as residents of Jammu-Kashmir, despite residing there for many years. Therefore, they did not have the rights to vote, buy a property and apply for jobs. But after the abrogation of article 370, the government took a major decision to amend the regulations, governing the domicile certificate. The distribution of domicile certificated started from June and, significantly, more than 1.6 million domicile certificates have been issued so far.   

From June till 14th September, citizens from 20 districts of Jammu-Kashmir have been issued domicile certificates. 1.2 million people are from the Jammu sector and 400,000 are from Kashmir sector. In the initial stages, a physical application had to be submitted in the Tehsildar office. But the process was made online, after the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic. It is being revealed that the system is getting an excellent response.   

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