Indian Army will be in a state of war readiness even during peak of winter, India warns Chinese military

New Delhi: – Claims have been published that the Chinese military was planning to jolt India, by starting a war at the peak of winter, on the Line of Actual Control (LAC). The Chinese government mouthpiece also was advising India, to withdraw from the LAC as the Indian military will not be able to withstand the freezing cold in the region. But the former military officials have aptly answered the Chinese propaganda war, saying that the Indian military is war-ready, even at the peak of winter and the supplies have been ensured even with a snow cover of 40 feet.  

The supply of necessary equipment and provisions, to the Indian military, has already started. Hundreds of trucks are seen moving towards the Army posts in the Ladakh region. The heavy transport C17 Globemaster airplanes and Chinook helicopters are operating in the border areas. All this is the preparation for winter and care is being taken that even if all the transport routes are closed, the Indian Army will not have shortages of any essentials.  

China had to take cognisance of the movements of the Indian military. The preparations of the Indian Army to be ready for long-term deployment and even for war has not gone down well with China. China has also realised that the moral of the Indian Army is very high. Therefore, China has started pressurising experiments in various ways, on the Line of Actual Control. The Chinese military is giving messages, in Hindi, on loudspeakers. These messages claim that Indian leaders are responsible for the situation of the soldiers. The Indian Army also has started replying to the Chinese military, installing loudspeakers. At the same time, fitting replies are being given to the Chinese allegations that the Indian military is not ready for a war in the Ladakh sector and India has not developed infrastructure facilities in this region.  

Indian Army is fully ready for a war. The Indian military has tonnes of experience of war, in such terrains and the Indian Army has also made all the necessary preparations. The former military officials are pointing out that India has the skill to ensure supplies even with the snow level of 40 feet. On the other hand, it has been repeatedly exposed that the Chinese military lacks the experience and skill to fight a war on such terrain. ‘Winter is Coming’ has become the catchphrase for the Indian Army. The logic behind this is that the Chinese soldiers will freeze in the -30 to -40 degrees temperatures, in Ladakh. China also has realised this and there are indications that Chinese soldiers are already developing cold feet. Therefore, the Chinese military is trying to pressurise the Indian military, in every possible way. This is why the Chinese military incited the Indian Army, opening fire on 29th to 30th August and 7th September. It is revealed that at this time, both the armies together, fired nearly 100 rounds. This was one more Chinese attempt, to scare the Indian soldiers, but it seemingly backfired on China. With every failed attempt of the Chinese military, the confidence and morale of the Indian Army is becoming stronger. 

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