Panchayat members from Jammu-Kashmir to receive insurance cover of ₹25 lakh

Srinagar: – The Jammu-Kashmir administration has taken an important decision, to provide an insurance cover of ₹2.5 million, to all the members of Village panchayats and even the local self-government bodies. The terrorists who have become restless, as a result of the campaign launched by the security forces, have started targeting the local lawmakers as a soft target. Last month, after the killing of a Sarpanch, the other Sarpanches from Jammu-Kashmir had demanded that security be provided. Against this background, these panchayat members have been provided with an insurance cover of ₹2.5 million.

Panchayat members

The decision to provide an insurance cover was taken during a meeting of the administrative committee, presided over by Girish Chandra Murmu, lieutenant governor of the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir. The insurance cover will be available to Panchayat members, Sarpanch, arbitrators and Presidents of Block Development Councils and selected members of the local city organisations.

Last month, terrorists killed Ajay Pandit, sarpanch of Lukbawan village in Lakripura of the Anantnag district. Following this incident, another woman-sarpanch also was threatened by the terrorists. There was also an incident of abduction of a sarpanch. Thereafter, there is a consistent demand for security by these local representatives. This decision was taken in view of this demand.

An official from the Jammu-Kashmir administration said ‘Elected members of Local self-governance bodies are under threat from the terrorists. These panchayat and Local Self-governance members are carrying on working, despite threats from the terrorists. Therefore, this decision will prove vital to help increase their feeling of security and confidence. This will strengthen the local level democracy. The families of the representatives will be assured of financial security.’

Since some time now, all the actions in Jammu-Kashmir are receiving a spontaneous response from the local people. This is making Pakistan furious. Following the abrogation of article 370 and the campaigns started by the security forces, the terrorists and separatists are in a pitiable state. Terrorists are being killed in large numbers. The support for separatists is waning. Some of the analysts have claimed that these people are attacking the local representatives, out of frustration, to vitiate the atmosphere.

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