‘Made-in-India’ rakhis deliver a blow to China worth ₹4000 crore

New Delhi: There is tremendous opposition to Chinese products in India, since the cowardly attack by Chinese soldiers, in the Galwan Valley and this was once again evident on the occasion of the Rakhi festival. It is being revealed that China has suffered a blow of ₹400 billion, as the Indians preferred to purchase Indian Rakhis for the festival.

Made in India’ Rakhi delivers a blow worth ₹400 billion to ChinaThe Confederation of Indian Traders (CAIT) had announced, on the 10th of June, that this year’s Rakhi festival will be ‘Indian Rakhi Festival’. Following the CAIT appeal, 10 million Rakhis were manufactured in India. Not a single Rakhi was imported from China. Rakhis made in India only were sold and the Indian population also preferred to buy Indian Rakhis.

Every year, nearly 500 million Rakhis are sold in the country. There is a turnover of almost ₹600 billion in this Rakhi trade. Since the last many years, Rakhis and materials to make Rakhis, worth nearly ₹400 billion, is imported from China, every year. CAIT National President BC Bhartiya and National General Secretary Pravin Khandelwal said that this year not a single Rakhi was imported from China. China was bragging that the Indian population has no alternative for Chinese products. But the Indian population has delivered an economic jolt to China by giving preference to Indian Rakhis.

Meanwhile, the education ministry has decided to review the 54 Memorandum of Understandings, signed by IITs, BHU, JIT and other educational institutions with the Chinese institutions.

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