India and China increase border deployments after soldiers’ clash

New Delhi: Both India and China have increased military deployment at the border in the Naku La Sector, in Sikkim on Saturday, after the reported dispute between the soldiers from the two countries. Information has also been received that soldiers from both the countries had a faceoff, even near the Pangong lake in Ladakh on the 5th of May. This conflict between the Indian and Chinese soldiers, which have taken place twice in one week, has increased the tensions along the Indo-Chinese border. China has given a very guarded reaction on the border skirmishes saying that the Chinese stand is that the atmosphere at the border should be pleasant.

The Indian soldiers foiled an intrusion attempt made by the Chinese soldiers in the Naku La sector in Northern Sikkim. The details of the incident are being received from military sources. The Indian soldiers noticed intrusion by the Chinese soldiers while on a routine patrolling round at Muguthang in the Naku La sector. The Indian soldiers immediately stopped the Chinese soldiers and told them to retreat. But the Major, leading the Chinese unit, threatened the Indian soldiers ‘This is not your land, this is not Indian border, so you have to retreat.’ A young Lieutenant from the Indian patrol party gave a fitting reply to this Major from the Chinese army who was threatening the Indian soldiers to retreat while standing on Indian soil in Sikkim. He knocked the Chinese Major to the ground with a powerful blow. It is being said that a fight started between the soldiers from both sides after this.

This dispute was sorted out through a talk under protocol and soldiers from both the sides returned to their posts. But the tension has still not reduced. Now, both countries have reportedly increased soldier deployment on the border. Four days before the Sikkim incident, Chinese soldiers had attempted intrusion in the Ladakh sector. Even there, the Indian soldiers had forced these intruders to retreat. On the 5th of May, soldiers from the two countries had a faceoff in the area to the north of Pangong lake in Ladakh, and a fight between the soldiers has been reported even from there. Soldiers from both sides were injured in the fight. The dispute was resolved the next day through talks. But, after this, both the countries increased soldier deployment in this region.

Meanwhile, China has given a very cautious reaction following these reported conflicts between soldiers of the two countries. Zhao Lijian, the spokesman of the Chinese foreign ministry, tried to pin the blame on India, saying that the Chinese soldiers always try and maintain peace on the border. But the Chinese spokesman did not reveal the details of the incident. Lijian said that a dialogue is being held between India and China over the border issues.

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