CAIT announces list of 500 banned Chinese items

New Delhi: – ‘Confederation of All India Traders’ the apex body of associations of small traders and 40,000 small-bog traders, has decided to intensify the campaign against Chinese products. CAIT has declared a list of 500 Chinese items that can be banned and has set the target of reducing ₹1 trillion worth of imports from China, by the year 2021. CAIT has delivered a message that we cannot fight on the border, but can boycott China.

CAIT, Chinese items

There is a wave of anger across the country over the intrusion by the Chinese soldiers and the cowardly attack on Indian soldiers. Following reports of intrusion by the Chinese soldiers in Ladakh, CAIT had started a campaign to boycott Chinese products and to create awareness regarding ‘Made in India’ products. CAIT announced that this campaign would be intensified, henceforth. Under the campaign ‘Indian Products – Our Pride’, Indian traders will be dissuaded from importing Chinese products. The campaign has been started to ensure that the traders do not import Chinese products and don’t sell them to the customers.

CAIT, Chinese items

Currently, India imports goods worth ₹5.25 trillion. Target has been set to reduce these imports by ₹1 trillion by December 2021. CAIT has announced a list of products, which can be immediately banned, for this purpose. There are nearly 3,000 products imported from China. 500 products out of these, feature in the CAIT list. These products are being manufactured or can be produced in India. Although a shortage could be faced, of these products, for some time, it is not difficult to produce these items in India. CAIT President B.C. Bharatiya and National General Secretary Pravin Khandelwal said that no special technology is necessary to produce these items. Also, the items which are technology dependent, have not been included in the list. Khandelwal clarified that unless and until these technologies are available in India or its allies, there is no alternative to importing from China.

The list announced by CAIT, of items that can be boycotted, includes toys, cloth, kitchen appliances, furniture, hardware, footwear, handbags, electronics, beauty products, gift items, watches, gem and jewellery, stationery, paper, domestic appliances, health products, vehicle spare parts etc.

CAIT said that rounds of discussions would be held with the Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goel to ensure help and support for the small-scale industries, entrepreneurs and start-ups. CAIT has also appealed not to award contracts to Chinese companies.

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