Moves to restructure Indian defence forces, considering possible conflicts with Pakistan and China

New Delhi: Considering the potential future conflicts with China and Pakistan, the Indian defence forces have initiated moves, to modernise and reorganise the structure of defence forces. The government, as well as military sources, have indicated that many concepts and designs, practised since last many decades, will be scrapped in this process and will be replaced with the new schemes. A former military official said that the Integrated Battle Groups would play an essential role in the new scheme.

defence forces, india, pakistan, chinaSince the last few years, significant Indian military divisions have been posted near Pakistan and China border. These include divisions of Strike Corps, deployed especially in the war scenario. In the past, these deployments were made only during war or if there was a possibility of a war. But there have been changes to this since the last five years, and the military officials said that the effects of these changes are under review.

The United States created an independent Unit ‘Striker Brigade Combat Team’, following the 9/11 attacks. These are military units with high mobility and have the capability to act in different war scenarios. On similar lines, even in India, stress is being given on preparing Battle Groups, with dynamic and quick war capabilities, the military sources claimed.

Major defence restructuring is being undertaken by the leading countries like the United States, Russia and China. Sources said that therefore, India too needs to take expeditious steps, in that direction. A few days ago, Indian military officials had indicated that preparations to deploy three Integrated Battle Groups, each, on the Pakistan and Chinese border had been started.

Over the last few months, the Indian government has taken some critical decisions, for modernisation of the Indian military and made the funding available, on priority, for their execution. At the same time, moves have started to shelve the old concepts and plans. Preparations to make the military more equipped and effective by creating the right mix of the units used to be deployed only in the war scenario and those deployed during peace have been initiated. The former military officials and analysts are anticipating a radical change in the face of the Indian military in a few years, with these measures.

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