Locusts swarms enter via Afghanistan and destroy crops in Pakistan

Islamabad- On Friday, the locust swarm that came via Afghanistan, destroyed crops in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Furthermore, it is claimed that the issue of locust swarm is even more dangerous than that of Coronavirus. Thus, the challenges of the Pakistan government have increased by multifold.

Locusts swarm, Afghanistan, Pakistan

The locust swarm that broke in via Afghanistan destroyed farms in the Dera Ismail Khan district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa region, Pakistan. However, the damage has not been reported. But, this locust swarm is said to have caused massive damage in the Dera Ismail Khan farm. Moreover, it is being claimed that next week, the locust swarm will enter in Balochistan via Iran.

Besides, 33 districts in Balochistan are already hit by locust swarms. Thus, about 85,000 hectares worth of farm in Balochistan bore massive damage. In such a situation, until now, the crop rotation has been performed on only 500 hectares of farm. But, the locust swarms have destroyed about 30 lakh hectares of farms. Hence, farmers in Pakistan have become extremely helpless. Moreover, Pakistan PM Imran Khan has given unusual advice to the citizens to emerge out of this difficulty. He has asked the farmers to kill the locusts and sell them in the poultry market at the rate of per kilo. This bizarre advice is being laughed at even in Pakistan.

Meanwhile, even a few states in India are under the locust attack. But, India has managed to bring this situation under control. Against this background, India had proposed help to Pakistan. However, Pakistan has not yet accepted the proposal. On 18 June, both nations are going to discuss on this issue.

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