Libyan rebels dash at Tripoli

Third World War

Tripoli: Fierce conflict has sparked in Libya, between the military group loyal to Prime Minister Fayez Al-Seraj and the group led by the rebel officer General Khalifa Haftar. General Haftar has declared that his army has reached Tripoli, the Libyan capital. General Haftar and his colleagues have hinted to capture Tripoli soon. However, the military officials, loyal to Prime Minister Al-Seraj, have claimed that the military has regained control over the parts that the rebels were claiming to have acquired. At the same time, the officials said that there is simmering discontent in the Libyan people against the rebels.

Libyan-rebelsCivil war has started in the oil-rich country of Libya, and the people here have become panic-stricken because of the war. Secretary-General of the United Nations, Guterres, has immediately reached Libya to try and ensure that the conflict does not escalate. However, all his efforts for peace and negotiations have been rejected by the rebel Libyan leader General Haftar. Therefore, Libya seems to be headed for a new civil war. General Haftar’s army is marching towards capital Tripoli, and reports have been published that they already have gained control over the suburbs of Tripoli. It was also reported that General Haftar’s army carried out airstrikes on Tripoli. Therefore, General Haftar had indicated that he would capture Tripoli soon and will rule Libya from the capital.

Within a few hours of the claims by General Haftar, the Libyan officials loyal to the Prime Minister gave contrasting information, to the media. The military spokesman informed that the military had reclaimed most of the areas acquired by the rebels. The Libyan military spokesman told, the military has been successful on this front, and the rebellion will be dismantled soon.

The Libyan military spokesman also said that there is an eruption of discontent, in the Libyan public against the rebels and the rebels will not be able to escape the heat of this outburst. Given the claims made by both the sides, it is clear that the civil war in Libya will intensify further. Libya is faced with a bloody civil war once again, after the conflict led by the western powers, to overthrow the government of previous dictator Muammar Gaddafi. General Haftar, declared a rebellion and started a hidden war against the Libyan government, since 2014. However, now, as the war has reached capital Tripoli, the position of Prime Minister Fayez Al-Seraj seems to have become shaky.

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