Declare left-wing, violent Antifa a terrorist organisation, demand US Congressmen

Third World WarWashington: The US Congress has requested that the organisation Antifa (Anti-fascist), involved in extreme demonstrations against President Donald Trump, should be declared as a terrorist organisation. Two senators from the Republican Party presented a resolution regarding it in the Senate, which enlists the violent activities of the Antifa group. The resolution is considered necessary, given the violent Antifa attacks in Oregon and Washington, in the last two years.

Antifa, US, terrorist organisationThe aggressive policies adopted by President Trump since the last few years are facing stiff opposition in the United States. Along with Trump’s political opponents, even a group of media is heavily criticising his policies. The firm policy of President Trump on the immigrant influx is the main focus of the criticism. The opposition includes people of the left-wing ideology supported by the so-called liberals, along with the Democratic Party members.

The group opposing Trump’s policies is known as the Antifa, which is, in fact, the Anti-fascist group. The group is organising a protest in different states across the United States and is receiving massive publicity. The group which inclines towards the left-wing is carrying out attacks on Trump supporters and reporters. The Antifa group has been involved in many violent activities in various US states over the last two years. Also, the group is believed to be responsible for the attack last week, on the centre housing immigrants in Washington.

Antifa, US, terrorist organisationTwo US senators have presented the resolution to declare Antifa as a terrorist organisation, citing the violence in Portland, Oregon, the attacks on journalists and the incident in Washington. Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy are the two senators that have filed the resolution. Senator Cassidy justified the resolution saying, ‘Antifa is a group of masked criminals and they are simulating a fight against fascism. They are resorting to fascist tendencies for that, and the liberals are supporting them.’

The resolution brought by Ted Cruz and Bill Cassidy targets the Antifa group in Oregon and points out that the group does not have any respect for the US administrative agencies. In the resolution, the senators have fired a salvo of criticism at terrorism with the left-wing ideology. Earlier in August 2017, a petition had also been filed in the court, demanding Antifa to be declared a terrorist group. At the time, the Trump administration had clarified that there was no legal provision to declare a group on the intranational level, as a terrorist group.

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