LAC talks failed to resolve issues due to unilateral actions of China: Indian Army

New Delhi – Talks between the Indian and Chinese military to resolve the Line of Actual Control (LAC) issues in Ladakh have failed. Accusing China of trying to change the status quo through unilateral actions, the Indian Army claimed that China was responsible for the failure of the talks. The Chinese military has blamed India for the failure of the talks reasoning the Indian demands to resolve the dispute over the LAC to be unrealistic. Post the failure of the talks, the Chinese government mouthpiece, has once again threatened India of war.


China, India, Chinese army, Indian Army, LAC, Ladakh,On Sunday, Indian and Chinese military officials discussed the Ladakh LAC. In the discussion, India suggested constructive measures to reduce tensions on the Ladakh border, which the Chinese Army rejected. Indian Army informed about the failed talks as China is trying to bring about unilateral changes in this area which is one of the fundamental issues behind the tension in Ladakh. The two armies have agreed to continue discussions to reduce tensions in the future, the Indian military said in a statement.

While the Indian military is making these claims, on the other hand, the Chinese army has blamed unrealistic Indian demands for the failure of talks. At the same time, it claims that China is making a sincere effort to establish peace on the LAC in Ladakh. Chinese Army Colonel Long Shaohua said that instead of adopting an adamant stand and misjudging the situation, India should be satisfied with its success so far in bringing peace to the LAC.

The Chinese military had taken a similar stance on border disputes, even in the past. The logic behind the statements made by the Chinese military is that the fact that there is no conflict on the border between India and China is a big plus in favour of India. Meanwhile, the Global Times, China’s official mouthpiece, has threatened India with war. India’s unrealistic demands for peace on Ladakh’s LAC are inconsistent with the situation and Indian strength, the Global Times has warned.

The Global Times threatened that India would certainly be defeated if a war sparks on LAC in Ladakh. The mouthpiece also claims that India is pursuing a border dispute with China to divert the attention of its people from the coronavirus pandemic and the failure of the government to address the problems facing the economy. But Indian analysts have accused the Chinese communist regime of pursuing border disputes with other countries to overcome its internal challenges. International analysts have also noted that the country’s aggression increases with China’s economic and social problems. India, alongside Taiwan, Japan, Australia and the United States, are being warned of war by Global Times. At the same time, China is faced with severe problems such as food shortages, power shortages and floods.

Moreover, the Coronavirus pandemic is playing havoc in this country once again. It has led to the lockdown of some cities. However, the Chinese government has adopted strict policies to prevent the news from reaching the world.

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