Israel will soon be destroyed, claims Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei

Third World WarTehran: ‘Israel is a cancerous tumour affecting the Gulf countries and it has to be excised. Israel can be destroyed and it will happen soon,’ claimed the supreme leader of Iran Ayatollah Khamenei. Khamenei issued a threat to Israel and United States that the Iranian retaliation will be ten times stronger if there was an attack on Iran.

The Israeli Prime Minister has embarked on a Europe visit to garner support against Iran. At the same time, the supreme Iranian leader Khamenei has threatened Israel while justifying Iran’s nuclear program. Khamenei announced the annihilation of Israel while attacking it on the social media.

Ayatollah KhameneiKhamenei also criticised the action taken by the Israeli military against the Palestinians in Gaza Strip. He put a blame that no other Arabic country, except Iran came out in support of the Palestinians. Khamenei has alleged that some Arabic countries are not speaking about the Israeli atrocities against the Palestinians, to please the United States, Khamenei targeted Saudi Arabia and the other Arab countries without taking names, After threatening Israel, Khamenei strongly justified the Iranian nuclear program. ‘We thought that the western countries will continue to support the nuclear deal after the withdrawal of the United States. But the European countries don’t appear to be making efforts to continue with the nuclear deal with Iran. In that case Iran will increase the amounts of enriched Uranium, and the orders to that effect have been issued by me. Iran’s enemies will not be able to stop the Iranian nuclear program even in their dreams,’ announced the supreme Iranian leader.

At the same time, those planning to attack Iran should remember that Iran will attack with ten times more force if attacked, threatened Khamenei. It appears that this threat is directed towards Israel and the United States who have threatened to attack the Iranian locations in Syria.

Meanwhile, the supreme leaders of Iran have continued threatening Israel. A month ago, Khamenei had criticised Israel comparing it to a rabid dog. Khamenei had accused Israel of having a hand in the anti-government demonstrations in Iran, three months ago. But Israel has dismissed all the Iranian accusations.

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