The only Iranian objective is erasing Israel from the world map; accuses US Vice President

Third World WarWarsaw: US Vice President, Mike Pence made a crushing accusation that the only objective for Iran is erasing Israel from the world map and carrying out a new genocide. The US Vice President also lashed out at the European countries supporting Iran and remaining firm on the nuclear deal, saying that Iran is the biggest threat to the security of the Gulf countries.

Pence reminded during the meeting in Poland that Ayatollah and extremists took over Iran forty years ago. Ever since these Ayatollahs have supported terrorist organisations Hezbollah, Hamas and Al Qaeda and supplied missiles to them, Iran is supporting terrorists in the conflicts in Syria, Yemen and beyond.

Iran, us vice president, israel, mike penceAt the same time, the US Vice President mentioned the threats being issued by Iran to Israel over the last few years. Pence accused that Iran repeatedly threatens to erase Israel, an ally of the United States and the western countries, from the world map. Iranian supreme religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei himself has announced this final goal for Iran; with this, Iran is openly inciting genocide in Israel.’

The US Vice President lashed out at cooperation established by the European countries France, Germany and the United Kingdom, with Iran who has such intentions. The United States had imposed harsh sanctions to curtail the Iranian nuclear program. Pence accused that the trade cooperation of the European countries is helping Iran to bypass the US sanctions. US Vice President appealed that therefore, the European countries should withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal.

Iran is the biggest supporter of terrorism, and it will become stronger riding on the support of the European countries, and the European Union will weaken. Pence also expressed concern that the differences between the United States and Europe will increase. Meanwhile, the European countries have indicated that they do not agree with the stand, regarding Iran, adopted by the US Vice President.

Israel-Palestine talks dragging because of the poisonous funding from Iran, Bahrain Foreign Minister

Warsaw: Bahraini Foreign Minister, Khalid Bin Ahmed Al Khalifa accused that the peace talks between Israel and Palestine are dragging because of the Iranian funding for terrorism in the Gulf. Bahraini Foreign Minister clarified that Bahrain could establish cooperation with Israel.

Meanwhile, the Israeli Prime Minister’s office has leaked the video of the stand taken by the Arab countries regarding Israel. The video shows that Foreign Ministers of two Gulf countries along with Saudi Arabia, criticising that Iranian policy to support terrorism and supporting the Israeli stand.


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