Iranian Foreign Minister said that for nuclear deal to stay alive, Joe Biden must lift all Iran sanctions on becoming President

Rome/Washington: Biden, who will be assuming presidency next month, must lift the Iran sanctions and prove his truthfulness. Moreover, he must bring the economic war initiated by President Trump to an end. Only then will Iran return to its full commitments in the nuclear deal, appealed Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif. Two days ago, in an interview to the United States media, Biden had said that Iran must comply to the US demands to retain the nuclear deal. Zarif stated in response.

Iranian Foreign Minister said that for nuclear deal to stay alive, Joe Biden must lift all Iran sanctions on becoming PresidentIn the interview, president-elect Joe Biden expressed his views on Iran nuclear deal, the assassination of nuclear scientist and tensions in the Middle East. Moreover, during the interview, Biden said that Iran must comply with the demands of the United States if it wants the US to be part of the nuclear deal and expects it to lift the Iran sanctions. Biden also demanded that Iran should prove that it does not have a military intent behind the nuclear programme. At the time, he also clarified that he would not let Iran prepare a nuclear bomb at any cost.

While presenting the new conditions before Iran for the nuclear deal, Biden had criticised President Trump’s policy on Iran. Furthermore, Biden accused that in 2018, after President Trump withdrew from the nuclear programme, Iran did not stop the programme but raised its nuclear production than before. At the same time, Biden said that he would make efforts to renegotiate the nuclear deal with Iran with the help of European nations. He also expressed that the assassination of Iranian Scientist Fakhrizadeh that happened last week will hopefully not affect discussion with Iran. Thus, Iranian foreign minister, Javad Zarif told Iran’s stance over Biden’s proposal in a conference in Italy. Javad Zarif said that Iran has proved its bona fides in 15 IAEA reports. These include five reports after the withdrawal of President Trump. Now, the United States must prove it. Here onwards, Iran will comply with the rules of the nuclear deal only if the US proves its truthfulness regarding the accord.

Iranian Foreign Minister said that for nuclear deal to stay alive, Joe Biden must lift all Iran sanctions on becoming PresidentFurthermore, Zarif demanded that the US must cease the economic war initiated by President Trump and lift all the sanctions. He further criticised that the sanctions have caused Iran a loss of $250 billion; also, Iran is finding it difficult to purchase medicines and medical equipment. Apart from this, Zarif also slammed the European countries that claimed their association with the nuclear deal. Besides, Zarif complained that the European nations have not invested in Iran despite the five-year-long nuclear deal; neither these countries purchased crude oil from Iran nor has Iran gained any money from the European banks. Zarif expressed disapproval that last year, the western countries sold ammunitions to Middle Eastern countries worth more than $100 billion. He also warned that Saudi Arabia and UAE must not fight for Israel against Iran.

Meanwhile, Trump administration has already warned that the more sanctions will be imposed on Iran until the Biden government takes over administration. Besides, the Biden supporters in the United States warned Iran that it should not show aggression of any kind until Biden assumes power.

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