New Australian law to counter Chinese influence

Canberra: The Australian parliament has passed a new law awarding veto rights to the government to stop the increasing Chinese influence. The new law gives rights to the government to cancel any agreement signed by any agency or institution, including a provincial administration with any foreign government or company. Although the law says any foreign government, it is being claimed that the new law is made specifically to target agreements made with China. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison retorted against China, saying, ‘The necessary policies, plans and rules for Australia will be prepared in Australia itself. All these are designed by keeping the Australian interests and requirements in view.’New Australian law to counter Chinese influence

Many agreements signed by the provincial administrations will be reviewed as per the new law. There are more than 30 agreements with Chinese entities, among these agreements, to be reviewed. Sources claimed that the agreement signed between the Victoria province in Australia and China, in 2018, also could be cancelled in this.

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